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I know, we have seen how Hollywood and its very eccentric people can be so hard for some to handle.

But, some people want fame and fortune so bad that they are willing to stand some things they might encounter when they arrive at Hollywood.

I honestly think I do not need to get too much into what crazy events usually happen in Hollywood but, one thing we all know very well is that in the Hollywood and entertainment world, the skinnier you are, the better.

Good thing fit bodies are becoming trendy nowadays and people do not actually aspire to have that unhealthy skinny look because believe me, it is not pretty at all!

But, since apparently some celebrities have not gotten the memo about this fitness trend, some of them are still being horribly skinny and these are the ones I will mention below.

Claire Danes

She has been around the Hollywood scene for a while and she has probably seen it all. I obviously do not know her for me to be able to jump into conclusions about her health.

All I know is that her figure is getting a bit too slim and bones are starting to pop.

Leann Rimes

In her case it is not that she is not being healthy. I happen to think she is being really healthy actually and she is notably working out.

The problem is that once you start getting rid of most of your body fat, your bones might start to pop out more than they usually would and that is when people stop being attracted to that body of yours that was supposed to look fit and healthy.

So, maybe, she should lifting more weights and maybe she should try not doing so much cardio as she is apparently losing her butt thanks to that!

I mean, there clearly is such a thing as too much of a good thing and this definitely applies to cardio!