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We say that we are not addicted to suffering but, when it comes to horror movies, apparently this does not apply as we just keep coming back for more!

Why do I say this? Because we already had sleepless night and horrible nightmares after watching Anabelle and we kept saying no more and apparently, we are lying to ourselves.

1.What is it about?

This movie is obviously meant to give you all sorts of adrenaline and scary feelings and audiences are loving every minute of it as there are so many positive reviews and feedbacks of this movie.

The movie that recently came out on August 11th of 2017, is about the beginning of the doll named Anabelle. How did she come to be? How did her evil path to destruction begin?

The story begins with a doll maker and his family. His daughter, whose name happens to be Anabelle is tragically killed in a car accident while his father was changing some tires and the horror begins from there.

2.Remember that crazy nun from the conjuring? Well, don’t forget her face in this movie!

That crazy, scary nun seems to be following people everywhere they go watch horror movies right? Well, as this movie progresses, years later, the doll maker has to deal with some girls that happen to go through some scary situations in the house that Anabelle used to live in.

The doll starts to manifest herself and scare everyone except for the house owner apparently. And not only that, but as the girl’s representative and the doll maker are looking at some pictures, they notice a nun in the picture they had not seen before and guess who it is? You guessed it right, the freakishly scary nun from the conjuring!

3.Anabelle is definitely not a lost tormented soul in case you did not notice up until now!

The real human Anabelle may have died in a tragic car accident but, there is nothing to feel sorry about when it comes to this doll as it is a full blown demon! And if you are still doubting this, why would she tell humans that she wants their soul? Plus, remember that the nun I just talked about is a demon as well.