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Art and music are something everyone is very much interested in as both depicts the depth and the meaning of various situations and various things of life.

“A picture tells a thousand words” – this isn’t just merely a saying by some great human being but it is way of depicting the importance of art in everyone’s life.

Just so we know how important art is, we should also know some of the greatest pieces of art of all time that have been making headlines since over 100s of years now. Let us look at some of the best and most famous paintings in the world –

  • Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci – Leonardo da Vinci painted the masterpiece during the year 1903-1904. The painting is famous for the mischievous smile of lady in the picture – where you cannot really say whether she is happy or sad. The paining is still present at the Louvre museum in Paris, where over six million people from around the globe visits every year.
  • The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci – This is another masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci; but this one cannot be found in any museum. Rather, you can find the piece of art at the Dining Hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy covering at the back of the wall. Da Vinci painted the picture during the late 15th century which shows the last supper of Jesus with all his disciples.
  • The Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo – The painting was painted in between the years 1508-1512 and is located on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome. The painting tells us about one of the nine scenes from the book of Genesis.
  • Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh – When it comes to the modern art, this masterpiece by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh is one of the best ones. The painting was painted in the year 1889 and it is one of the permanent collections of Museum of Modern Art in New York.