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Can you only imagine having batman as your boss?

In the business world in which competitiveness is a law, is always good to identy for your strong sides as well as you weak sides.

This is the only way to create a good strategy for your own success.

As a boss, you need to make sure your team feels motivated and you need to know all about their strengths and weakness.

There are people that like to take the baton and who really need to be ar the head of the project, bu there are also people who, without feeling the need to lead, contribute knowledge and skills to any initative that comes before them.

There are also the ones that like to admire other people, those who feel special fascination to observe and learn the methods and practices of others.

If you feel identified by the last of those progiles then you might surely imagined how it would be a reality in which you had your favorite movie character as your boss.

Bosses such as:

1) John McClane (Die Hard)

Why would you want him to be your boss?


Because even if you were in the wrong place and time, you would do everything possible to protect your employees.

2) Leia (Star Wars)

Why would you want her to be your boss?

Because she does not care about hierarchies, and for her people she’s willing to get their hands dirty and to challenge the established order.

3) John Rambo (Rambo)

Why would you want him to be your boss?

Because of his ability to survive and improvise solutions would give you the certainty that your work is safe.

4) Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)

Why would you want him to be your boss?

Because he would convince you that the same area of knowledge gives access to different worlds, but complemented.

He would make you travel the globe to train you!