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1 Where did this great idea come from?

Rumor has it, Reed Hastings, CEO & founder of Netflix came out with this original idea of a DVD-by-Rental after a late videotape returning to Blockbuster Video twenty years ago.

Nevertheless, some people say it wasn´t that simple, it was more like an attempt to copy the effect of Amazon´s on another angle of the then-emerging online sales market, which by the way, they seem to have accomplished.

However, it doesn´t really matter where this idea came from or how it was developed because the facts are undeniable, Netflix is “THE” online content provider with a solid interaction with the costumers that allow the executives to consider what´s best to the consumers based on feedback and requirement.

2 Why streaming?

The obvious benefit of streaming instead of renting a DVD or Blu-ray disk, like the way it used to be the video rental business, is the possibility to access the content (movies, series, etc.) without leaving the comfort of your house.

Besides that, is the matter of instant playback; which allow you to play the media file barely at the same time you start downloading the file, so you don´t have to wait for a total download to watch a movie or your favorite series.

Another benefit of streaming is the possibility to jump forward or backward instantly, which is not easy to do on a DVD or Blu-ray player, and the list goes on.

By streaming, you don´t have to bear that lots of DVDs or Blu-ray disk clogging your space. Moreover, streaming gives you the world at a click and at the same time allow you to save time to read, eat, enjoy quality time with your family, without stepping out of your living room.

However, one of the things people give for granted but is one of my favorite perks, it is the fact that you won´t be disappointed like we used to after a drive to the video store to find out the movie you wanted to see was unavailable. Now, as long as the movie it is on the menu, it will be always available.

3 You can take it with you everywhere

As long as you have internet-connected devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc, smartTV) you can access the content of the service. There´s no place –with internet access of course– where you cannot feel like home watching your favorite shows. This is a milestone from video rental days; you can watch your favorite show, whenever you feel like it, no restraining.

4 Ad-free content

Probably there´s no person today who haven´t felt overwhelmed for the volume of advertising we must put up with, especially when that ad is taking away valuable resting time, which in today´s society it is a total waste of time because of our obsession of planning the day at the minute.

5 Amazing productions out of the big studio´s consensus

Since the beginning, Netflix has released original content becoming an unexpected phenomenon the quality and originality of the series.

Among these exclusive content, we find amazing series like “House of Cards”, “Peaky Blinders” or “Stranger Things” three of many other excellent productions filled with great stories and incredible sets, wardrobe, photography, I have come to like beyond the regular parameters of liking.

Sadly, depending on the studio´s name or the corporation it belongs to, you can have an idea of what kind of movie it´s going to get produced, so at some point, it just more of the good old same, and not in a good way.

Contrasting this, Netflix has proven to be unexpected, visionary with a proclivity to try new things, and that is why it changed the way we watch TV today.