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Fraction manipulatives make fractions concrete.  You can display these 5 online fraction manipulatives on a smart board during lessons.  Students can also use these on chromebooks, iPads and laptops.


Fraction Manipulative #1: ABCya Fraction Tiles

These fraction tiles are my go to virtual fraction manipulative. I love the way they snap into place. I have real life fraction tiles like these in my classroom. Sometimes we use the hands on version, but some kids love using them online. I let kids choose whether they want to use the online manipulatives or hands on.

These are great for adding fractions with unlike denominators. The kids are able to show equivalent fractions. I encourage them to follow the line on the pop out from the fraction they are looking at to see what other denominators have the same line. This helps them choose a common denominator.


Fraction Manipulative #2: Math Playground Fraction Scales

While this is another set of fraction bars, these are different in that they can be split into smaller pieces. When introducing multiplying fractions, I use a PowerPoint with visuals. Some students need hands on opportunity with the concept of 1/2 x 1/2 means 1/2 of 1/2. You can pull out scissors and paper and have students use shapes, but this virtual manipulative allows kids to split fractions in half, thirds etc. It is a great tool when starting out with multiplying fractions.


Fraction Manipulative #3: Fraction Circles from Eduplace

Why does everyone talk about pizza when they teach fractions? Because it is delicious? I’ve seen people complain about the pizza comparison. If it is the only comparison you ever make, that is a problem. But, please don’t stop connecting fractions to real life. It means something to the kids. I use the brownie pan analogy when we are talking about fraction bars. I find that sharing food analogies really drive home the concept that large denominators mean smaller pieces.


Fraction Manipulative #4: Fraction Bars from McGraw Hill

This fraction bar tool provides a user error free opportunity for working with equivalent fractions. Working as an interventionist, I find that most students that come to me for help with fractions have the root of their difficulty in the lack of understanding of equivalent fractions.


Fraction Manipulative #5: Math Playground Fraction Bars

These fraction scales take comparing fractions and equivalent fractions to another level. When introducing comparing fractions I take students through several strategies.

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