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Everyone is quite familiar with many things that Hitler did while he was still alive. But there are some shocking facts that your probably didn’t know about him.


1. Hitler Was Rejected from Art School More Than Once

Who knew Hitler was interested in art school in the first place? I never expected for him to be interested in art school let alone be rejected more than once from art school. This has probably even happened to you too!


2. Hitler Was a Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is quite popular nowadays but who knew that even Hitler was a vegetarian too! Hitler even created laws against animal cruelty.


3. Hitler’s First Love was a Jewish Girl. Lacking Courage, he never Spoke to her

Even Hitler had his first love just like all of us. What is unexpected was the fact that his first girl happens to be a Jewish girl.


4. Hitler Suffered Chronic Flatulence and Took 28 Different Drugs to Fight it

This was definitely something that I didn’t expect from him. I never thought he would suffer from such a thing. I didn’t even know it existed until I started researching about Hitler.


5. Hitler Only Had ONE Testicle

Something so rare yet it happened to him! This probably affected him some way or another so for just a second I felt kind of bad for him. This can happen to anyone!


6. Hitler Loved the Circus, Disney and Chocolate

I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a circus? Unless you’re afraid of clowns, going to a circus is definitely an amazing experience regardless of your age. As for chocolate, I mean come on, who doesn’t have a weakness for chocolate?


7. Hitler Hated Aftershave

I’m pretty sure many fellas can relate to this. Applying aftershave can be a pain and to others an extra step to finish their freshly shaven faces!