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As the psychoanalyst Gabriel Rolón said, social networks subserves the emergence of possibilities of romantic contacts.

In these times of hyper connection, more than 20% of people consider that the Internet is the best place to find a partner.

This is shown by a study carried out by the polling company Livra among 1273 people (44% male and the rest female), between 14 and 65 years old.

The most repeated option that had been chosen in order to meet someone is by mutual friends (69%); followed by parties (42%), faculty (33%) and work (30%).

By putting focus on the web, respondents pointed out advantages and disadvantages.

Among the first are:

  • “there are many people looking for the same thing as me” (35%),
  • “I can know how the person is before knowing her through her profile” (27%),
  • “you can start a conversation in less time than in the offline world “(27%),
  • ” it is easier to send a virtual message than to speak to someone I like in person “(20%).

It is to emphasize that 40% of the respondents do not find disadvantages of looking for a partner online.

Those who do find unfavorable issues express: there are deceptive photos that show someone more attractive than it really is (35%), people who are interesting but outside the web are bored, obsessive, etc. (27%), let the others know that I am looking for appointments on the Internet (27%), meet interesting people but live too far away (20%).

The study reveals that Facebook is the preferred partner (36%), even over specialized dating sites (31%); both are well above Twitter (6%).

What do you keep in mind when you meet someone online?

 was another question in the study, 60% indicated that they observe the interests in common; they share the second place, those who stop at data and profile biography (50%) and friends in common (50%), below, with 38%, are those who are guided by the profile picture.

Did you ever partner with someone you met online?

37% of the people answered that indeed, they have had stable relationships; 24% admitted that they did not find anyone compatible but that they made many friends; 20% answered that they only had sporadic encounters.

When consulting parents about what they would say if their child told them they were going to meet someone they met on online chat rooms, 42% said they would tell them to take certain precautions; 27% admitted that they would be very afraid that they would go out with strangers; 25% was blunt: I would strongly oppose, first we should know the parents.