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This article has been made especially for aficionados who haven’t really tried a dab or oil rig in their lives.

To them we tell them to get prepared for the best smoking experience yet.

We have to start with the basics first.

What are they exactly?

Dab rigs and oil rigs are nothing but a better type of bong. They can be made out of glass just like glass bongs.

They consist in a specialized type of bong that has been designed to vaporize oil or concentrates.

This can be done by the pressure generated over a legal extract or essence that’s pressed against a very high heated surface of the dab rig.

This is how the vapor gets created. It gets condensed and ready for you to inhale and live the time of your life.

This is widely recognized as the best method of inhaling marijuana around the globe.

Most aficionados consider that this way of smoking weed is way better than other methods just like old bong or joints.

It’s become the best alternate way to smoke your favorite extracts, herbs and flowers.

Some people that have tried this methods claim that the smoke is smoother and purer, and better.

Since using a dab rig doesn’t produce combustion, the smoke is better. All substance that gets vaporized into the dab rig does not create combustion.

Plus, a dab rig is way more easy to use than a bong.

How can you use it?

Since there’s no combustion at all, you won’t need to use that much substance. You can save some product for later.

You could have complete control over your flower.  It’s way more simple and discrete.

These artifacts are usually designed with a nail or banger and they can be built out of different materials such as glass, titanium, quartz, etc.


Users pour a small amount of the product into the hot nail part. Then it’ll trigger all the concentrate. It will flash it and then turn it into vapor.

This way the only thing left to do is to inhale it.  And this is how fun starts!

Where can you buy one?

They can be easy to find at a smoke shop. They have different prices since they can come in all shaped and sizes as well as different materials.

These smoke shops sell many different products you can also smoke and try out.