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Personalized Jewelry

What better gift than a personalized jewelry? The best part about it is that jewelry is something that can last for a very long time.  I gave a beautiful necklace to my sister when she graduated and she loved it so much! Even after so many years she still loves wearing it.


Inspirational Quotes

Graduation from high school or college is not an ending, but a beginning. Giving a graduate a framed inspirational quote is the perfect way to start them on their newest journey. I love the art prints from minted.com. You can buy them with or without a frame, and they have several different choices for frame styles and colors, so you can make it match your graduate’s personality perfectly. (Source: overstuffedlife.com).



Giving a family heirloom is a perfect for anyone graduating. Especially when they have a very deep and meaningful sentiment towards the person graduating. I gave one to my niece on her graduation and she couldn’t be happier!



Giving a loved one who is graduating an experience like a vacation or tickets to a concert will be something they remember forever. They will also appreciate it too! My father gave me plane tickets to South Korea and I was very excited as I always wanted to travel there. He had been saving for quite a while and when he surprised me with the plane tickets I was balling my eyes out! We spent 1 week there and we ate ll sorts of foods! So give it a try too!


Photo Books

Which photos you put in the book will depend on your own relationship with the graduate, but it could be anything from memories you’ve shared with them to a look at their entire life from babyhood to graduation. This gift is also pocket friendly for anyone on a budget!