Fraction manipulatives make fractions concrete.  You can display these 5 online fraction manipulatives on a smart board during lessons.  Students can also use these on chromebooks, iPads and laptops.


Fraction Manipulative #1: ABCya Fraction Tiles

These fraction tiles are my go to virtual fraction manipulative. I love the way they snap into place. I have real life fraction tiles like these in my classroom. Sometimes we use the hands on version, but some kids love using them online. I let kids choose whether they want to use the online manipulatives or hands on.

These are great for adding fractions with unlike denominators. The kids are able to show equivalent fractions. I encourage them to follow the line on the pop out from the fraction they are looking at to see what other denominators have the same line. This helps them choose a common denominator.


Fraction Manipulative #2: Math Playground Fraction Scales

While this is another set of fraction bars, these are different in that they can be split into smaller pieces. When introducing multiplying fractions, I use a PowerPoint with visuals. Some students need hands on opportunity with the concept of 1/2 x 1/2 means 1/2 of 1/2. You can pull out scissors and paper and have students use shapes, but this virtual manipulative allows kids to split fractions in half, thirds etc. It is a great tool when starting out with multiplying fractions.


Fraction Manipulative #3: Fraction Circles from Eduplace

Why does everyone talk about pizza when they teach fractions? Because it is delicious? I’ve seen people complain about the pizza comparison. If it is the only comparison you ever make, that is a problem. But, please don’t stop connecting fractions to real life. It means something to the kids. I use the brownie pan analogy when we are talking about fraction bars. I find that sharing food analogies really drive home the concept that large denominators mean smaller pieces.


Fraction Manipulative #4: Fraction Bars from McGraw Hill

This fraction bar tool provides a user error free opportunity for working with equivalent fractions. Working as an interventionist, I find that most students that come to me for help with fractions have the root of their difficulty in the lack of understanding of equivalent fractions.


Fraction Manipulative #5: Math Playground Fraction Bars

These fraction scales take comparing fractions and equivalent fractions to another level. When introducing comparing fractions I take students through several strategies.

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Situated on the Capri coast in the southern part of the country, the Blue Grotto is a 60 metre long and 20 metre wide ocean cave. The place offers a spellbinding blue light rising from the sea floor and the sun beams passing from the cave opening. The Blue Grotto is the most popular sight in the Capri island which can only be navigated using a tiny row boat.



Globally known as the place that houses the world’s greatest paintings in the entire history of arts, the Vatican Museum contains the pieces and masterpieces collected by various popes beginning in the 16th century, when it was first constructed.

It has 54 galleries with a ceiling designed by Michaelangelo himself. Back in 2013, the Vatican Museum was recorded as the 6th most visited art museum in the entire world.



A massive sprawl of ruins from primeval government structures situated at the very heart of Rome, the Roman Forum showcases ancient temples, basilicas, as well as the entire public space wearing its polychromatic dress. Locally, it is known as the Forum Magnum.

During the Middle Ages it was chiefly utilised as a grazing field for cows, and was extensively mined for its stone minerals. These excavations however only served to enhance the beauty of its other structures: the Arco de Tito, the Tempio di Antonino e Faustina, the Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Miranda, as well as the Basilica Fulvia Aemilia that dates back to 179 BC.



Emanating from the theological history of Italy, Saint Mark’s Basilica is the most popular church in Venice. This gorgeous church is located near the Grand Canal. Added to this, Saint Mark’s Basilica presents itself as one of the most distinguished example of Byzantine architecture in the planet.



A domineering sight in the eastern part of Sicily, Mt. Etna is the tallest active volcano in the European continent. Also known as Mongibello, Mt. Etna is the highest peak in the southern portion of the Alps in Italy.

With a recorded height of 3329 meters or 10,922 feet, Mt. Etna is one of the most distinct volcanoes in the world, and it has the capacity to support extensive farming and agriculture due to its fertile soil. It is also a part of Parco dell’Etna, a national park in the country.

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People think that Paris is an expensive city. I hear so many people say, “You don’t want to spend too many days in Paris, it is too much money.” But it can be affordable. Especially if you follow my list of free things to do in Paris that won’t break the bank!


Explore the famous cemeteries

The Cimetiere du Père Lachaise is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world and is the resting place of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. The Cimetiere de Montmartre dates back to 1798 and is the famous resting place of Alexandre Dumas and Edgar Degas. These cemeteries are both free and very interesting. The Montparnasse cemetery houses the graves of such renowned writers and thinkers as Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, and Julio Cortázar.


Visit Notre Dame

Entering Notre Dame is free. You can walk around and enjoy its enormous Gothic splendour. It doesn’t cost one penny to go inside. But if you want to go up the tower and take a tour of the bells, that is an extra charge. However, Notre Dame is incredible inside and out. There are other amazing view points of Paris where you don’t have to pay, so skip the tower tour.


Take a free walking tours

Different Companies offer Free City tours meeting in Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. Every day at St. Michel in the Latin Quarter and in Montmartre you can join a free walking tour of Paris. We’ve taken a couple and always learn a lot from the guides. It’s up to you if you want to tip at the end.


Go on a pub crawl

In Montmartre you can join a free pub crawl of the bars in the area. A great way to go where the locals go. Just look up free walking tours in Paris and you’ll find many a tour that takes you on a pub crawl. It’s also a great way to meet fellow travellers enjoying Paris too. There’s nothing better than having company as you explore the city.

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Some of the best parts of Scotland are its beautiful, wild and rugged countryside, a part of the country that has long captivated the hearts of travelers, not least so because of the gorgeous landscapes and scenery here.

Now while a lot of this can be explored by road some of the best gems here are best explored on foot! There also aren’t really any wild animals to be scared of in Scotland so this is also the perfect place to totally get lost in nature.


Sandwood Bay

This remote beach is perfect for an afternoon hike, especially if you don’t like crowds. A place of historical significance, the Spanish Armada would have traveled past the beach in these waters in the days of old.



Overlooking Assynt in Sunderland, Quinag is a snowy peak that leads to a spine-back ridge for hikers to follow. When you reach the top some of the most stunning views in Scotland await you as a prize for your hard work.



If you enjoy coastal hiking then a trip to Portmahomack fishing village is the place for you. As you hike along the shore make sure to look out for views of neighboring Firth.


Arthur’s Seat

Come here if you want to climb a 250 metre volcanic plug. Arthur’s Seat is just outside of Edinburgh so you can actually hike from the city centre all the way to the summit in just a couple of hours.



The island of Iona is known as a premium place to hike in Scotland. Many people come here to take in that famed rugged Scottish coastline along with the pretty little church, Iona Abbey, at the same time.


Dun da Lamh

This hike ends at a stunning hill fort that dates back to the Iron Age and, at an elevation of 500 metres, is less taxing than many other walks in the area. From the hill fort you can look down over Loch Spey.

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Beaches like you’ve never seen before

Before you start dreaming of laying out on a hot sandy beach, you have to know that Oregon beaches are chilly. As in you’ll definitely want a jacket, even in mid-July. Even though you can’t really swim, the beaches are incredible in their own regard. Stop at as many as you can along the way.


The food

If you’re a seafood lover, the Oregon Coast is prime real estate for the freshest, most delicious seafood. In fact, on our last family trip there last summer, we had a Quest for the Best clam chowder and you can see who won! And if you’re not a seafood lover, you’ll still find unique sandwiches you can barely hold with both hands, homemade doughnut shops, and the best sourdough bakery I’ve ever been to.


It’s the perfect temp

As opposed to Disneyland where the heat is sweltering and the sweat starts dripping down into your socks, the Oregon Coast always seems to stay a comfortable 70 degrees. It’s never too hot or too cold.


The tide pools

This should be higher on the list because it is our absolute favorite Oregon Coast activity…and it’s FREE! I would rather spend an afternoon leisurely perusing rocky pools and crevices for starfish, sea anemones, and crabs than waiting in lines for hours. My kids adored climbing rocks and pointing at sea treasures.


See sea life in real life

You don’t have to wade through crowds of people like you do at Sea World to see great sea life on the Oregon Coast. Seals, sea lions, porpoises, and even whales are right there in front of you, without the hefty ticket price. At Cape Arago in Coos Bay, Oregon, hundreds of seals gather on Simpson’s Reef and you can see and hear them down below yelping and bellowing.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine

Emperor Meiji is one of the most respected former emperors of Japan, because he helped modernize Japan and allow Japan to become the country it is today. Nestled in one of Tokyo’s many parks is a shrine dedicated entirely to him.

There are displays of items from Japan’s history along the way, such as barrels of sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink. The main attraction in the shrine is the little placards hanging in a circle around a large tree with wishes written on them by people all around the world.

Shinjuku at night

Shinjuku is famous for its nightlife. As soon as you enter the district’s borders, you’ll see neon signs all around. Apparently this portion of the city never sleeps, and I could believe it. Even at 11 at night, the surroundings were so bright from all the signs and the street lights that it was almost like it was still day. Go shopping, stop in a bar or an arcade, or eat some real Japanese cuisine, but make sure to come at night!


Skytree Tower

The tallest tower in the world, Skytree tower was originally built to be a radio tower, although now it’s a popular tourist destination. The fare to get to the very top of the tower is ridiculously expensive, but even if you don’t go to the very top, you can buy a ticket to the floor that’s 350m above the ground which still offers a generous view of Tokyo. Or if you prefer not to spend money, you don’t need to go up at all.

The outer view of the tower itself and the shops and restaurants surrounding the tower provide a great experience on their own.


Tokyo Disney

If you’ve never been to the original Disney in America, well, here’s your chance! Although the language change might be a bit disorienting, if you’re a Disney lover, you’re sure to have a blast! This Disney offers plenty of things to do.


Tokyo Tower

A national landmark the Tokyo tower may not be as tall as Skytree tower, but instead there’s a mall underneath, where I ate those delicious pancakes pictured above. Buy a ticket to go to the top for a spectacular view of the park its in, or just hang out in the mall.



Shibuya crossing, the crosswalk pictured above, is famous because all the streetlights go red at once and all the walk signals light up together; what follows is a mass of people streaming across the street in a larger magnitude than anywhere else except perhaps Times Square.

This area is also famous for its shopping, and you can buy anything from electronics to funky patterned socks in this area.

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If it’s your first time visiting Abu Dhabi then there re various important yet easy tips you’ll need to know! I’ve visited Abu Dhabi before and it’s one of the most beutiful places I’ve ever been to. However, when I first went there I ignorantly did things that I didn’t know weren’t aloud there and well, let’s just say it was very embarrassing.  The second time I visited Abu Dhabi I learned my lesson and was well prepared. Hopefully, this article will also prepare you too and you’ll be able to make the most out of your trip!


Dress Code

Unless you’re relaxing in your hotel room, ladies need to cover shoulders and knees. However, it’s good to protect your skin with breathable, lightweight fabrics. And while temperatures outdoors may be scorching hot, when you head inside it’s freezing!


Mosque Manners

Women aren’t expected to cover their heads all the time, but it’s a must at the Grand Mosque. Women are also prohibited from wearing tight clothing. Both men and women are prohibited from wearing anything sleeveless, like tanks tops, tees and polo shirts.


Photo Faux Pas

Does a trip count if you don’t have the selfie to prove you were there? In this case, yes. While at the Grand Mosque, it’s natural to want to snap a selfie with your group. However, that means you’re touching, which is a big no-no! (Source:


Get on the Water

When we hear on the news about the “Persian Gulf”, it’s rarely good events. And yet the gulf’s waters are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The view is spectacular, the sailing is fantastic and relaxing.


Eat with an Open Mind

In Abu Dhabi you’ll find it’s not so easy to find a place that serves authentic Emirati food. Struggle not and head to Shaikha Al Kaabi’s food truck Meylas. She’s the first person to run a food truck in the UAE. Meyeylas means a gathering place and it features food from the recipes of Ms. Al Kabbi’s mother and grandmother.


Take a Walk

When the sun finally sets, all of Abu Dhabi heads to the waterfront for a long stroll. Head to the Corniche, a walkway along the seacoast, for a breathtaking walk.

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A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Ozeki tackles depression from two angles: through the protagonist, 16-year-old Nao, who falls into a suicidal depression after moving back to Tokyo; and through Nao’s father, who falls into a deeper depression after losing his job.


After Birth by Elisa Albert

Albert never explicitly names postpartum depression in her 2015 novel on a woman in the first year of motherhood, but Ari’s resentment over her experience of childbirth, alienation from the rest of the world, and complicated feelings about her son ring true to the dark and confusing period that often comes, well, after birth.


The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel has become a classic for its brutally honest portrayal of her own depression. In hypnotic stream of consciousness, she describes the emotional and psychological breakdown of Esther Greenwood, a woman struggling against self-destructive thoughts and overwhelming darkness.


The Round House by Louise Erdrich

The Round House tells the story of 13-year-old Joe, who is forced to grow up too soon after his mother is brutally attacked. Erdrich gives poignant insight into the daily manifestation of PTSD, and offers sympathetic perspective of what it’s like to care about someone struggling with it.


Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

The driving force of Murakami’s devastating novel is the “sickness,” or, depression, which plagues Naoko, Toru, and the young man whose suicide brings them together. It’s an honest and lyrical look at the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and helplessness that depression often brings.


The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Tim O’ Brien plants himself into this collection of semi-autobiographical stories about soldiers in the Vietnam war, and his character exhibits the tell-tale signs of PTSD — depression, alienation, guilt, and nightmares — that make integration back into civilian life seem so impossible. (Source:

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One of the best things to do before going to bed is reading an awesome book. Reading about the characters, the places where the characters are is incredibly amazing. Reading books is great for a good night sleep too, especially these books:


The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg

George Sand (lead character) was one of the most fascinating women of the 19th century, so Elizabeth Berg’s choice to create a scandalous and passionate story about her was a wise one. Through many affairs with famous cultural influencers of the time and a decidedly unconventional life, she still has to search to find herself.


The Milliner’s Secret by Natalie Meg Evans

Londoner Cora Masson has reinvented herself as Coralie de Lirac, fabricating an aristocratic background to launch herself as a fashionable milliner. When the Nazis invade, the influence of a high-ranking lover, Dietrich, saves her business. But while Coralie retains her position as designer to a style-hungry elite, Paris is approaching its darkest hour. (Source:


The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig

Do you like books with family drama? Then this novel is for you. After Rachel’s mother dies, she finds a picture of the father she thought was dead, along with his daughter, making her an illegitimate child. She decides to secretly infiltrate their society to find out more about them, until she starts to like her half-sister, while simultaneously falling in love with her fiancé. This book is full of surprising twists and turns. The perfect thing to have on your mind before going to bed!


Circling the Sun by Paula McLain

McLain has created a wonderfully rich story with the real-life character of Beryl Markham, an adventurer, author, and aviator who was re-discovered in the 1980s after a letter from Ernest Hemingway was uncovered praising Markham’s book. McLain’s take demonstrates an independent and eccentric woman who gets caught up in a passionate love triangle.


The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows

This coming-of-age saga set in small town, Depression-era West Virginia is a delightful addition to Annie Barrows’s work. After a reluctant new journalist begins to chronicle family secrets of the Romeyn family, their lives are changed forever. Don’t pass up the chance to read this book!

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You Get To Pick Your Own Roommates

Freshman year dorming can be a little risky since most schools pair roommates randomly. I’ve said it time and time again that I was extremely lucky with my roommate situation, but there are many others who aren’t! Some schools have the option to dorm with people you know after freshman year, but from my understanding it isn’t that common. By choosing to live off campus you get to pick who you live with, letting you live (hopefully!) peacefully with your friends instead of the crazy girl who sleeps odd hours and steals your stuff! (Source:


Better Health

We all know that the dorms are a huge pool of germs and colds being spread around. Last year my campus was hit was the norovirus, and before that we had mono, strep throat, and bronchitis going around. When you move off campus, you suddenly become a lot less susceptible to those diseases and flus! And even if you do get sick off campus, your campus health center is still open to you!


More Living Space

More likely than not your dorm was a tiny shoe boxes that could barely squeeze in two twin XL beds and whatever else your school provides. After moving into my house now I wonder how I ever lived in that small of a space! I’m getting to live in a four bedroom home for a little more than half of what I paid to live in my dorm. I’d say that’s a huge pro!



Lack Of Convenience

Similar to the lack of social activities that happen outside of campus, there’s a lack of convenience for a few other things as well. When living in the dorms you are most likely a short walk from main campus, which is most likely not the case if you’ve moved out. You also give up the convenience of using your meal plan at the dining hall, but this could also be a good thing! Overall things that were once very close or easy to access will be farther from your home.


More Maintenance

When you live in the dorms, practically everything is taken care of for you. If the internet goes out, someone is already working on fixing it. If your toilet is impossibly plugged, you can call campus maintenance and they’ll deal with it for you. When you’re living off campus, you have to deal with everything yourself. The house/apartment is your home, and you have to deal with the cleaning, the plumbing, the internet, etc. If something goes wrong, no one is automatically working on it for you.


Bills and Finances

Depending on where you are, you could be paying more or less by living off campus. In many cases you’re going to be spending less, but you’ll also be paying your own bills. Keeping track of the bills is a little bit of an inconvenience, but if it’s keeping you from spending extra money, it’s worth it.

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Reduce your sugar

Did you know that consuming sugar of any kind can significantly slow down your body’s ability to heal itself? Glucose (sugar) essentially reduces the effectiveness of your white blood cells, which are your main defense in fighting infection in the body. While sugar won’t cause an illness or cold, it can make your immune system seriously sluggish and run down until you get sick. If you really want to stay healthy, start checking the sugar content of what you’re consuming.

Put down your orange juice

This one goes hand-in-hand with #1. While orange juice is perfectly fine on a regular basis, the idea that drinking it for Vitamin D or C to prevent sickness is just a myth. The sugar in most orange juices overwhelms any possible healing benefits you could get from drinking it. This also goes for the “sports drinks for electrolytes” myth. Buy electrolyte water if you need electrolytes. The only liquids you really should be drinking are water, herbal teas, or vegetable juices, if you’re into those.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is super important for your immune system to stay strong and healthy. Buy a low-dose Vitamin D supplement at any drugstore or grocery store. The capsules are usually very small, and one a day is such a smart and easy way to build up your immune system against illness.


Stress and over-scheduling are huge factors that can cause you to be at the mercy of a cold or that flu that’s going around. Deliberately taking time to ‘unplug’ from life can be very restorative both emotionally and physically. It is so important to insist on having time to yourself to do something relaxing to keep you from getting a cold.

Stay active

A little bit of exercise a few times a week can go a long way toward fortifying your body against infection. Movement stimulates your lymphatic system, burns through those excess college calories, and makes you feel good all around! Staying active always makes a huge difference!

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Uninterested kids are at times difficult to handle. When I was teaching I had many uninterested kids and that made them get poor grades. I wanted to do something to help them and after much trial and error I’ve managed to find very useful and effective strategies that help them become more interested in class. Want to know how? Read on!


Use Whiteboards

In my classroom, giving a student a personal whiteboard and marker is like flipping a light switch. All of a sudden the student is listening to what I have to say.

Using whiteboards does require some training. However, like with any other classroom tool, you won’t engage your students just by handing over these things and not TEACHING the children the proper way to use them. My students know that they aren’t for doodling, and that the lid stays on the marker until I’ve finished with my instructions. Anyone not using the whiteboard and marker properly loses the privilege of using them until the next day.


Ditch The Hands

If your students know that you’re only going to call on students who are politely raising their hand with an answer, they know they are safe to tune out. Why not try a random selector system? This forces them to pay attention during your teaching time because they never know when they’ll be called on next!


Elbow Buddies

Kids LOVE to talk with their friends. In my classroom I take advantage of this by giving them plenty of opportunity to “Turn and Talk”. Setting a clear purpose and identifying exactly what you expect of them during their sharing is extremely important. I have my students turn to face each other, sitting knee to knee. This way, they can look each other in the eye as they speak. Invest some time at the beginning of your year to teach your students exactly what to do when they partner talk.



If you’re lucky enough to have technology in your classroom, use it! You don’t need more than one iPad or similar device to engage your students effectively. Aside from some of the more traditional apps for practicing reading or math skills, there are many exciting choices like Plickers.


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Google Cardboard

This year you will see both virtual and augmented reality take-off in 2016! Google Cardboard makes virtual reality accessible to the masses and with the advent of Google Expeditions, Google has made virtual reality not only cheap and convenient but also focused on using it to engage students in the classroom.


Sketchnoting (or Visual Note-Taking)

Research has shown that drawing your notes, even doodling can help anyone learn and remember information better.



The power of sharing your voice cannot be overstated! I started blogging just under two years ago and it transformed my career and my learning. Blogging with your students will give new meaning to their writing and their work! The power of sharing your voice, your learning and your passions online cannot be overrated.



If blogging isn’t for you, maybe you should share your voice through a podcast. Podcasting has continued to grow like wildfire, and educators across the globe are sharing through this medium every day. If you don’t want to podcast yourself, be sure you take advantage of the all of the phenomenal podcasts that are available online across many different platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast.


Start a YouTube Channel

You may already have one and not realize it, but everyone needs a YouTube Channel. Even if you only use it as a curation tool to create playlists of your favorite videos, and playlists for your students. Video content is dominating now that we can stream on just about any device.


Join a Google Community

I have been singing the praises of Google for a while now, and despite what many think, it isn’t going away. In fact, it just got a major overhaul. But one of my favorite features is Google Communities. These communities can be private or public, and offer a fantastic way to share, connect and learn online.

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Find An agenda that can help you get organized

This is different for everyone depending on your needs. Weather it’s an app or anything you want to use that will keep you organize will work just fine. I prefer using apps to keep me organized.


Categorize all of your errands and due dates

By doing this you’ll always be up-to-date with all the things you need to get done. This tip always helped me in school. I managed to get excellent grades thanks to organization and categorizing everything. Give it a try, it might work really well or you too!


Make Enough Food At Dinner For Left Overs The Next Day

When I wasn’t organized I always did everything at the very last minute even cooking. There were times where I wouldn’t even eat as I didn’t have enough time to cook something. The way I’ve found to combat this is just to make doubles every night. I just make extra and then bring it as lunch the next day!


Get Rid Of Any Excess You Have

It’s easier to be organized when you have less to keep organized. For me, this was getting rid of my 5000 office supplies. No one needs 4 hole punchers or 58 half-used pencils. So I started bringing extra pencils to school and just giving them to whoever had forgotten one that day and they disappeared pretty quickly. Now I just have my favorite pens and supplies and keep a few of each in my backpack and my messenger bag so that no matter which one I use I have the supplies I need. (Source:


Empty Your Backpack Every Day

This was a huge one for me. I have a scarily clean backpack. No wrappers, no receipts, nothing. Just exactly what I need in it, and there’s a reason for that.

The first thing I do is empty the bag onto the bed, put away whatever I’m not going to need the next day, throw out the garbage, file away papers, and then put everything else I’ll need the next day back in the backpack. This helps you get ready for the next day before it even starts and makes sure that you don’t make your bag turn into a garbage can.


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If you are new to homeschooling then you must know some very crucial tips to get the most out of homeschooling your children.


Know Why You Are Doing Something

Don’t simply do something just because you read about it or because others you know are doing it and it is working for them. What are your goals and does this help you achieve them? This can be a homeschool approach, a curriculum, a routine, a Living Book! Your family is different than any other family. Work with it!


Don’t Copy School

Making our homeschool like school is one of the biggest challenges that we face. When we get overwhelmed, our instinctive reaction is to move into what we know, what we feel comfortable with.


Work On Relationship Issues First

Do you have a good relationship with your children? If not, plan ways to give your family an opportunity to build, maybe even restore your relationships. If you already have good relationships, be proactive in keeping it that way.


Prioritize Training Every Day Skills

Training every day skills takes time, and we need to make time in our day. You can start with daily chores. Not only does this make you have more time available, but it gives you another opportunity to work on character issues.


Start On The Academics Slowly

What is the number one academic need that you see your children? Do they hate the idea of school? A love of learning will be your number one concern. Do they need to know how to read? How to research? Take notes? Or write a paper? Pick a priority and work with it until you feel comfortable and ready for another discipline into your family life.


Keep Your Outside Commitments To A Minimum

The reality is that your children are learning all the skills they need to be social beings through the regular web and flow of your family life.

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For some people it is hard to decide

If a person is looking forward to changing the style and looks of a space or area, there are countless elements in the world of decoration that can be applied and have the best of the results. From some paint and different furniture to a complete refinish of the area, the options available will for sure do the job.

One element that clients see as a good option to boost up the looks of some areas and spaces is the installation of the most suitable set of blinds to that area. There are great options in the blinds area, and nowadays with the technology that has also take the scene in decoration, roller blinds are now cutting-edge elements.

There are great options around the world

From privacy and natural light feed to climate and space provision to a space, the roller blinds affect important features of a room or space, all important for customers to evaluate.

There are great professionals worldwide that can actually do a great job in this area. Creators, technicians, suppliers, roller blinds have numerous options as source to satisfy all of the clients. In the down under lands of Australia, roller blinds Sydney services could satisfy even the most demanding clients and customers, the only needed thing is a simple idea, and the roller blind professionals will do the rest.

Customized options

Trying something new does not necessarily mean a complete change, with the set of new blinds clients could be thinking of the privacy they want to have in that area, or how they what the natural light feed to be, also the care they want to give to the furniture inside or the weather they want to produce in the inner space of the room with the blinds. If you are having too many ideas in this matter and do not know where to start, do not hesitate and call the people who know more about the topic!

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The advance of technology

In the field of communication and media, the elements that make over the video production have taken the scene. Right now we are living in a world that is surrounded and constantly bombarded by what media has to offer and then the developers and creators in the field have taken this area to put up a great industry to cover all the consumers’ needs.


Elements that have changed the video production

The entrepreneurs of today have seen that exposure and its marketing plays an important role in all that concerns to the offer and demand and the industry around. This field, among some others, has been very active in terms of what is the need of a specific target.  The world of motion graphics design has been a crucial element that has kept some mass targets satisfied in terms of the requests they have had upon some element. Video design and production has been in great measure the responsible of the exposure that has been given to the source of that need and its location in the market.


In this market not everything has been said

It is no secret of the reach of social media worldwide. Several countries have had their professionals in the area to build a solid platform on this matter. In Europe, more specifically in the UK a lot of, either physical places or online business, are offering the service of production and video design and production to those having this type of need. As soon as people try and see with their own eyes, they will notice that in terms of video production and design, the best thing to do is to study the best options and try them, until we find the one that best meets our ideas. We are all immersed in the world of technology and communication; we have seen that as video production and design, it is a great way to meet our needs in society of today.


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Personalized Jewelry

What better gift than a personalized jewelry? The best part about it is that jewelry is something that can last for a very long time.  I gave a beautiful necklace to my sister when she graduated and she loved it so much! Even after so many years she still loves wearing it.


Inspirational Quotes

Graduation from high school or college is not an ending, but a beginning. Giving a graduate a framed inspirational quote is the perfect way to start them on their newest journey. I love the art prints from You can buy them with or without a frame, and they have several different choices for frame styles and colors, so you can make it match your graduate’s personality perfectly. (Source:



Giving a family heirloom is a perfect for anyone graduating. Especially when they have a very deep and meaningful sentiment towards the person graduating. I gave one to my niece on her graduation and she couldn’t be happier!



Giving a loved one who is graduating an experience like a vacation or tickets to a concert will be something they remember forever. They will also appreciate it too! My father gave me plane tickets to South Korea and I was very excited as I always wanted to travel there. He had been saving for quite a while and when he surprised me with the plane tickets I was balling my eyes out! We spent 1 week there and we ate ll sorts of foods! So give it a try too!


Photo Books

Which photos you put in the book will depend on your own relationship with the graduate, but it could be anything from memories you’ve shared with them to a look at their entire life from babyhood to graduation. This gift is also pocket friendly for anyone on a budget!

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You were most likely excited about graduating that it never occurred to you to think about what to do after you graduate. However, don’t worry about it as I am here to help you!


Do Something You’d Normally Never Do

Doing something that is a bit different than what you’re used to can be a very fun and exciting experience. You can try auditioning for a theater production, or running for club president. Don’t worry much about not being able to to do well in them because it’s all about having fun! In college you experience so many things and people are usually scared to get out of their comfort zone. But it doesn’t hurt anyone to get out of their comfort zone so don’t worry about it. You’ll gain confidence in yourself when it’s all done, and this will help you in life as you take more risks.


Skip Classes Just Once, And Sleep All Day

If you’ve never done this then I suggest giving it a try. However, before skipping any classes, inform yourself about any kind of penalty you might get for skipping. If the penalty is something you’re willing to take then there’s no problem!


Visit Another Country

During your breaks you can use them to travel around the world. You can also study abroad so you can get to know a completely different culture and maybe even learn a new language. You’re young, so live young, wild, and free!


Take Part In A Campus Club

Protest something; advocate for someone or something. Participate in a club that actually does something to help or advance the lives of others. You’ll make good friends, and you’ll create relationships that will last for years to come as well as do some good in the world.  (Source:


Take A Class In A Subject You’d Normally Never Take

You can also take it with a friend so you won’t feel alone. The idea is to do something you aren’t used to doing and who knows, maybe you might even excel the subject and you’ll realize that you can achieve something if you just give it a try!

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Being a student myself, I’ve learned how not many students are aware about how a simple website could make their life so much easier. It can even improve your grades! That said, I’m here to give you all the scoop about the top best websites that I used to help me in school.



This site may not actually affect your grades however, being a student involves having little to no money at all sometimes. I struggled so much financially and yet thanks to StudentRate I was able to score awesome deals for clothing, textbooks, electronics, amongst other items.



At times I would forget to do important assignments for school which led to my grades slightly dropping. However, it all changed and it went better once i downloaded Todoist. This is an amazing to to let you keep track of every assignment or everything you need to get done. It’s incredibly easy to use too!



“A really cool site that collects cheat sheets that condense information on all kinds of topics. This could be helpful for building study guides”. (Source:



This site is all about DIY projects. In this website, people can post any DIY tutorials on any project you could possibly imagine.



An awesome and simple mindmapping tool. With this tool you’ll realize how easy it is to take notes during classes. It helped me so much whenever I needed to take notes.



I found this website thanks to my friend who recommended it to me. This site is very helpful for those who would like to learn skills related to computing and media production. Lynda is particularly good for learning the ins and outs of computer software


Wolfram Alpha

This site can calculate almost any math problem you could think of and come up with data on all kinds of things. It includes a step-by-step solution to a math problem. The only downside is that it cost a bit of money. However, no matter how much it costs it’s all well worth it.


Stack Exchange

If you’ve got questions about chemistry, math, programming, or pretty much anything else, you’ll probably find an answer here.

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Trying to figure out what to do in between classes? Relax, this has happened to all of us at some point. I had quite some time free between classes and I always found various ways to do something. However, I now don’t struggle anymore with what I should do and if you do struggle, then I am here to help you!


Watch Netflix

This may sound a bit strange but trust me, it’s awesome! Catching up on my favorite shows was the best way to use my free time between classes. You can catch up on your favorite movie or show if you’d like.


Have a Little Snack

Treat yourself with a little snack before your next period starts. I would do this all the time with my friends and I would always go with them to eat some freshly baked cookies that were sold on campus. You can also choose to bring a snack from your home too!


Go Shopping

As long as you have plenty of time to do this, you can buy certain college must-haves before the next period. I’d constantly had to stock up on things like good, pencils, erasers, and basically any other item needed for classes.


Take a Power Nap

I know how exhausting things can get when you are a student, which is why during any free time (regardless of how long or short it was) I would take a quick nap so I could be full of energy for the next class. This tip is also great if you pulled an all-nighter to study for your exams. You’ll slowly recover all the energy!


Do Homework

What better way to use your free time than to do any homework or assignment? If you have any homework due soon try finishing it as quick as possible so you can have more free time during the weekend.


Visit a Professor

“If you are struggling in a class, go visit your professor and talk to them about it! Most professors or TA’s have office hours and would be glad to help you. No matter how intimidating they are, your professors are there to help you succeed”. (Source:


Get an on Campus Job

This is a great way to gain experience and a bit of money too! Most colleges will happily let you work with them. I actually did this and it worked so well. Especially thanks to the fact that I had a bit of experience by the time I graduated.

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