Dress your own style

There is nothing better than having on what we really want to have on in fashion terms. There is nothing better than looking great wearing your own style! If you like to wear t-shirts, then do it with style, no matter when or where. The style has a lot to do with the attitude and that is why thinking about the design, patterns, textures and prints is as important as what you are finally sharing, and if you add to that a bit of fun then you have the best combination.


Customise your t-shirt

Yes! Exactly as you are reading, customise your t-shirts! In this interest over colors, textures, and patterns, the personalized t-shirts is the raising trend. This new style consists on printing the ideas you have in mind onto your t-shirts, and many people worldwide are having this as the novelty in fashion. The question is simple, how cool is it to have your own pattern in shirts and even more, to know that the product you are wearing is of excellent quality? Printing your own customised t shirts, or the patterns that will be used in any context, is what the people from clothing companies do nowadays. Anything that can be created by any custom, the specialists in printing and customizing t-shirts can do it.


Always think ahead in trends

If you want to leave your mark, then, the best thing to do is to think first than anyone and be original in what you do. Printing t-shirts with your own style and creativity may be the difference between what people like and what they will have in the future in terms of trends. The business of customised t-shirts has seen a very positive growth in the resent years, if it continues that way as steadily as it is going, then will see a lot of people in new styles and fashion and an industry of printing t-shirt as profitable as any other successful one. It all depends on finding the patterns, colors and designs that go along with our style and then the people who know more about it will be there to offer help.



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Hope. Fear. Excitement. Traveling for the first time provided me with wave of conflicting emotions. When I left to travel the world, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t well traveled and was as green as they come. No one I knew had ever done this before. To compensate for my lack of preparedness, I followed my guidebooks and wet my feet with tours. I was young and inexperienced, and I made a lot of rookie travel mistakes.

Now, with 10 years of travel under my belt, I know better. If I could sit my younger self down before he left for his world trip, I would give him this advice:


Travel slow

It can be tempting to try to see it all. With limited vacation time, we are always trying to squeeze everything in, rushing through 20 cities in 20 days, or 100 countries on our round-the-world trip. In the end, all we have to show for it are photos, stress, and a whirlwind of experiences but no real knowledge of the places we went.


Get people’s contact information

You will make a lot of friends on the road. Some of them will become lifelong friends. But sometimes you don’t get their contact information and you regret it forever. Facebook and e-mail make it easy to stay in touch with people for years after your trip, so get people’s contact information! Don’t let your new friends fade into memory.


Get a phone

You’ll meet a lot of people on the road who you will want to see again. While Facebook can be handy for staying in touch, it isn’t ideal for planning meet-ups when people are constantly on the move. Did your friends get the message? Will they be there?! Who knows!


Take extra money

Travel isn’t as expensive as you think, you’ll travel through Asia on $15 a day or Europe on $40, but you’ll learn there are always unexpected expenses.


Don’t be scared

Fear is a powerful deterrent. Taking the leap into the unknown is scary, but you aren’t the first person to travel the world. You aren’t discovering new continents or exploring uncharted territories.


You are not alone

Wherever you go, there is a network of travelers who will be your friends, give you advice or tips, and help you out. They will guide you, point you in the right direction, and be your mentors. You aren’t out there on your own. You will make friends. You will be OK. Though you are traveling alone, you will never be alone.

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You might have the best interior space to photograph but if you don’t know how to do so, then your photos will still have a very lame outcome. So, you need to make sure your photography game is on point and since I want to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to photography, here are some lighting tips for you to take into consideration so, don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


Do not, I repeat, do NOT use artificial lighting


I will never get tired of saying this. I mean if other people have tried using artificial lighting for photography and failed miserably by doing so why repeat that error right? ALWAYS resort to natural lighting coming from the windows, by doing so, you will see an awesome difference in the way your pictures turn out. Don’t worry, thank me later.

Even though you are using natural lighting, make sure you filter it


Just because you are avoiding making a mistake using the wrong kind of lighting does not mean that u can´t make some twitches in the correct lighting. Adjust the lighting by slightly closing the blinds to your desire or maybe think about using papers that will make your windows a bit darker so that your pictures can turn out just the way you expect them to be and ever better!

Make sure you get the most out of your camera equipment


I mean all those buttons and menus on our camera must be there for a reason right? Correct. But some people do not investigate some features cameras have to make your photography job a whole lot easier and fun. One of the thing you need to remember is to use self-focus and the meter for the light. This will bring out the detail in your pictures like you cannot even being to imagine.

Reflectors will also help you in the process of taking great photos


Hear me out, this will make the subject you want to photograph a whole lot brighter and detailed. You can resort to making your own reflectors or just to buying some affordable reflectors but, never forget about using them.

These are just a few simple tips but remember, everything in photography is about trial and error. Having said this, if you are ever around Seattle and want need to partner up or need the help of an awesome Seattle home photographer you should definitely check out Clarity northwest photography, they will definitely bring out the best in the pictures you want.

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Weddings are very pricey these days. No matter how much money you try to save you eventually realize you spent quite a handful of your money perfecting the happiest day of your life. People tend to forget that there are different and very cheap ways to truly save money and still have the perfect dream wedding that everyone will remember. Most people are unaware that renting goes a long way. Renting certain things you want to have for your wedding is better than buying them.


Tables and Chairs

Simply rent tables and chairs and your guests (and yourself) can enjoy the wedding and have the time of their lives, and if after dancing you get tired (or your guest’s) they can sit down and recharge so they can continue having fun! Seriously, you’ll save yourself a lot of money by renting.



Remember, you’ll need: something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue, or rent it all. I’m pretty sure you had to read that twice as not many brides have thought of a possibility to even rent their accessories.



While renting a tent can be pricey and it might be tempting to just go to Home Depot to buy a few to create an outdoor wedding space, don’t do it. You’ll want a professional to install the tent for you to make sure it stays upright during the entire event. (Source: shefinds.com).


If you want to create some extra ambiance, I suggest renting lanterns, chandeliers, pendant lamps or any kind of lighting you want for your wedding. I did this for my wedding and I managed to get the most beautiful chandeliers that I thought would only exist in my dreams!



Would you love to wear a pair of blue Manolos on your big day, just like Carrie Bradshaw, but it’s not in your budget? You can rent designer shows at Just Soles for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy them.

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A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Ozeki tackles depression from two angles: through the protagonist, 16-year-old Nao, who falls into a suicidal depression after moving back to Tokyo; and through Nao’s father, who falls into a deeper depression after losing his job.


After Birth by Elisa Albert

Albert never explicitly names postpartum depression in her 2015 novel on a woman in the first year of motherhood, but Ari’s resentment over her experience of childbirth, alienation from the rest of the world, and complicated feelings about her son ring true to the dark and confusing period that often comes, well, after birth.


The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel has become a classic for its brutally honest portrayal of her own depression. In hypnotic stream of consciousness, she describes the emotional and psychological breakdown of Esther Greenwood, a woman struggling against self-destructive thoughts and overwhelming darkness.


The Round House by Louise Erdrich

The Round House tells the story of 13-year-old Joe, who is forced to grow up too soon after his mother is brutally attacked. Erdrich gives poignant insight into the daily manifestation of PTSD, and offers sympathetic perspective of what it’s like to care about someone struggling with it.


Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

The driving force of Murakami’s devastating novel is the “sickness,” or, depression, which plagues Naoko, Toru, and the young man whose suicide brings them together. It’s an honest and lyrical look at the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and helplessness that depression often brings.


The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Tim O’ Brien plants himself into this collection of semi-autobiographical stories about soldiers in the Vietnam war, and his character exhibits the tell-tale signs of PTSD — depression, alienation, guilt, and nightmares — that make integration back into civilian life seem so impossible. (Source: booklovely.com).

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For some people it may be easier than for others

To mate or to find a person to spend the rest of our life with may not be as easy as most of us think. For some people it is a frustrating process that most of the times ends up in the sad point of no mate and/or couple. To find the right person to become a couple takes time, for some people it is easier than for others, and when it is not as natural as it should be it may become a problem. Then is when we may take the help that may come from many books or magazines, from websites or some professionals that specialize in the area of coupling or the love issues.


How to do it, that is the question…

The case of the women is a bit more complicated. For some females it is a bit more difficult to read some men, and that makes them fell a bit low when they want to select the best man who could match their wishes and be the perfect one to start a new life with. Most women would like to know the most appropriated tips on how to make a man fall in love and that way select correctly the man who will accompany in their life path. This as may not be an easy task to do, does not necessarily have to be an impossible thing either, what women have to do is to take the best advice from the best source and be patient to see the results.


We are all different and unique

At the end, the love processes are very different and vary from person to person, to make someone in love is never the same from one woman or man to another and it would be a mistake to think that way. For all the people out there trying to find the person who they can trust their hart to, the best advice to take is that one that really works for them, this as obvious as may sound is from the most difficult things to do, but there is no need to worry, just be patient, we all have the right person to spend our life with very near to us or in our way in life, we just have to walk to find it.


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Have you suddenly realized that the sexual energy between you and your partner have either slightly or significantly decreased? If that’s your case then you don’t need to worry about anything. I have the perfect solution for that!


Revive Your Inner Flirt

Once you’ve spent a lot of time with someone you stop doing certain things. One of the most common things people eventually stop doing in their relationship is flirting. Rekindling the moments where you would flirt are a perfect way to increase sexual energy. If you have no idea what to do first then I suggest trying something on that you know your significant other finds very attractive on you. Also, while you’re talking to your significant other you can try doing things like touching or caressing their skin etc.


Show A Little Skin

A little flash of skin when no one else is looking is fine, and definitely gives your sexual energy level a boost! You can also do this with photos, if you’re careful and discreet. And consider choosing outfits for dates with your significant other that are a bit sexier than your standard attire. For example, I have a couple of outfits I wouldn’t wear to work or church, but do wear when just the two of us go out.


Spend Some “Down Time” Together

It’s really hard to maintain high sexual energy if you’re both running from one activity to another all day, every day. And it’s doubly hard if you’re both connected to your phone, tablet or laptop most of the time. So figure out a way to spend some “down time” together, when you can unwind a bit and enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be an official date, it can be something as simple as watching a movie or having a glass of wine together. Or doing something a little bit adventurous together.


Engage In Public Displays Of Affection

It’s really okay for married couples to show a bit of sexual affection at home and in public. So give him a real kiss in the kitchen, sit on his lap once in a while, pat him on the butt, put your hand in the back pocket of his jeans. Your kids may moan and complain, but they really like knowing that their parents are still into each other.


Open Up Avenues Of Sexy Communication

Introduce some sexual innuendo into day-to-day communication with your husband. It can take the form of sexy texts or emails, a quick comment during a phone call, or a whispered reminder. I must be a slow learner because I didn’t realize until a couple of years ago that married couples can sext each other! But indeed they can! Use sexier words than you normally use, keeping it fun and flirty. If the idea makes you uncomfortable, start with something mild and work your way up to something steamier over time. (Source: calmhealthysexy.co).

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Once you’ve spent enough time being with someone you sometimes things aren’t as they used to be when the relationship first started. If you feel like you need to revive the love in your relationship or if you simply need something to keep the love overflowing, then you came to the right place.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 5 years and both him and I have done some simple gestures that has kept the love overflowing each day. It’s truly something simple, now enough chit-chat and let’s get started.


1. Surprise Lunch Picnic

I always loved it when my boyfriend would surprise me. On my free days he would suddenly just tell me to wait in the car and I saw him carrying a basket full of treats and goodies to enjoy while he was getting in the car. After a couple of minutes we arrived to the park and on a beautiful sunny day we had a nice lunch picnic. I thought it was the cutest thing he has ever done and since then he would do it from time to time.


 2. Make a Favorite Meal at Home

Nothing says love like a nice homemade meal. Whether you know how to cook or not it’s always a nice gesture to do to your partner. I honestly don’t know how to cook very well however, I wanted to cook something yummy for my boyfriend. Since he loves cheesecakes I decided to try and bake one. Despite it being my first attempt, it actually went well! Besides, practice makes you perfect!


 3. Show Up With Little Treats

It can be either a nice sweet treat or a little snack your partner enjoys. This is one of the many gestures that are very effective. My parents have been married for almost 30 years and my father would never forget to occasionally bring my mother a nice treat after work. She would love it so much!


4. Make an Investment Together

“Whether you adopt a dog, plant a tree, or just build some Ikea furniture that you can call “ours,” making an investment in something together will give you a tangible reminder of your commitment to each other”.

This is an awesome tip that my boyfriend and I decided to do. We adopted a beautiful golden retriever and she has been the joy of our lives! We go to the park more often to spend some time together along with our beautiful dog.


5. Pay Them a Genuine Spontaneous Compliment

Throwing a spontaneous compliment to your spouse is a great way to let them know that they mean a lot to you and that you’re a special person. Even the most simple compliment is very thoughtful!

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Jody Hedlund’s How to Edit board

This board is a colorful resource that will help you find the tips you need to improve as a writer. Ive used this board multiple times when I first started as a writer. It helped me become who I am as a writer today.


Writer’s Relief’s Getting Help With Your Writing board

If you need help on developing your novel’s character or need to find a writing mentor, then I’ve got just what you’re looking for. This board will help you with anything you’ll need in order to make the best novel ever.


Kansas City Public Library’s Book-Inspired Crafts board

Whoever said books are boring never saw a Pinterest board like this! Check out these amazing book-inspired crafts and DIY ideas for any type of book lover. (Source: thewritelife.com).


Book Riot’s Cover Lovin’ board

Creating the best book covers has never been so simple and easy. This board will let you create book covers that will definitely catch people’s attention.


NaNoWriMo’s Writerly Inspiration board

Make your creative mark with Pins on ways to be more inspired, motivational quotes, writing prompts and more.


Your Writer Platform’s Book Promotion and Publicity board

If you need a little bit of help to get yourself known then this is the perfect board for you. This board shares tons of resources for promoting, marketing and selling your latest book.


Create as Folk’s Publish a Book board

If you need a bit of help to publish your book then this board has all the tips and tricks you’ll ever need. They are all incredibly easy and simple to do even I was shocked. It also includes tips on marketing your book, getting reviews, establishing a platform and more.


Greatist’s Relax and Recover board

As a writer it’s important to nourish your body as well as your mind. Use these ideas to relax, recover and renew your imagination.


The Stacey Harris’ Fonts to Love board

Looking for that perfect font to use in your next novel, or cover design? This board has tons of fantastic fonts to choose from.

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