Reality T.V. has definitely come really far over the passing years but, has it really gone from bad to good or, from bad to worse? I’ll let you be the judge of that based on what you see on T.V.

But, whether reality T.V. has gone down the crap hole or not, there are certainly some moments that have made us wonder if these events can actually happen in real life.

Whatever the case may be, these moments are still fun to watch. In this post I will show you the 2 craziest moments that I happened to stumbled across in reality T.V.

Can we really narrow down all the moments Snooki has had on T.V. to one specific moment?

This girl was definitely made for reality T.V. if you ask me. Even going to a store to get some lotion or something could turn into a crazy event in the world of Snooki.

Yes, she may be way past those partying days now that she has a beautiful family life but, her partying moments still went down in T.V. history.

One of the moments I particularly remember is when Snooki got her face smashed in a club. Obviously, when there is alcohol and yelling, there is something that is bound to happen but, punching a girl in the face? Really?

That is just too much for anyone. Even for my crazy party girl Snooki.

Who said the reality T.V. world was simple and fun? You will definitely find that if you are looking for The Kapil Sharma Show watch online.

That moment Steve Harvey made a HUGE mistake on live T.V.

According to my views, anything that involves live T.V. and unpredictable characters can sort of have T.V. producers on the edge right? Well, I think that this was the case for Steve Harvey.

This guy may be loved by many but he was hated by most of the world the night he accidentally announced the wrong winner while being the host of the Miss Universe Pageant.

But, apparently this has become a trend since stuff like this also happened at the Oscars.

All I know is that at least everyone involved has rectified and acted with such grace and poise that they deserve another award for that.

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