Shanghai has always been China’s capital of all things cosmopolitan. At the turn of the 20th century, it was a thriving metropolis to rival Paris, with vibrant nightlife, couture houses, and posh private clubs. One hundred years later—following war, destruction, and redevelopment—it’s once again at the top. Shanghai is a city of stunning contrasts, with regal heritage buildings and the world’s second-tallest skyscraper.

There’s so much to see in this city of 23 million, so to help you make the most of your time in Shanghai, we’ve rounded up its best sites. Some are ancient, some are new, but all with leave you with a better understanding of one of Asia’s most dynamic cities.



A labyrinth of alleyways run between the red brick lanehouses of the former residential district that makes up Tianzifang. The narrow alleyways are packed with restaurants, cafés, galleries, and shops. You’ll find everything from the ubiquitous Obamao T-shirts to leather journals and shoes, tea, and vintage photographs of Shanghai. Tianzifang has a much more traditional feel than Xintiandi, though like Xintiandi it is packed on weekends. You can enter Tianzifang from the front, on Taikang Lu.


The Huxinting Tea House is the place to get away from the crowds in the Old City. The interior is a sea of dark wood and traditional-style carved furniture, but wraparound windows let light in and allow for great people-watching. Tea is expensive here, you’re paying for the ambiance and location. Tea options are myriad, and include Chinese favorites like Oolong, jasmine, and longjing green tea from nearby Hangzhou. Tea orders come with a few snacks, including boiled quail’s eggs, marinated tofu, and sweets, but Huxinting is best for taking tea, not dining.



While the area around Yu Garden is commercialized and the garden itself not as impressive as the classical gardens of Suzhou, it’s one of the few old sights left in Shanghai, and a valuable piece of the city’s rapidly disappearing past. Commissioned in 1559 by Ming Dynasty official Pan Yunduan, the garden was built over nearly two decades by the renowned architect Zhang Nanyang.

In the mid-1800s, it was here that the Society of Small Swords planned their uprising against the French colonists, who then destroyed the garden during the first Opium War. After you walk around carp-filled ponds and through the rock gardens and bamboo groves, visit the small museum dedicated to the Society of Small Swords rebellion.



Shanghai went big when it hosted the World Expo in 2010, turning enormous swaths of pavement over to pavilions from 192 countries. But after it was over and most pavilions dismantled, the site became a barren wasteland. That changed in late 2012 with the opening of the Power Station of Art, a contemporary art museum housed in a former power plant. The museum has no permanent collection, instead hosting large-scale exhibitions, such as works from top Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang or a Warhol retrospective.

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Hey there! Are you ready to plan an unforgettable trip to Yosemite National Park?!?! From the waterfalls, mountains, and soaring views to the lakes, forests, and wildlife, you are sure to find something that everyone in your group will LOVE.

Yosemite is a place where memories are made and talked about for years to come. I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I saw that amazingly iconic view of the valley. THIS PARK TOUCHED MY SOUL and I couldn’t wait to go back, I know that you want the same for your vacation!

I’ve extensively explored Yosemite and am here to help! Whether this is your first time to Yosemite, or if you are returning after many years and would like to be reintroduced to the park, this list is for you.


Tenaya Lake

Imagine having the ability to drive along the road and see a beautiful high-elevation alpine lake! In my experience, usually high alpine lakes are only accessible by hiking to them, but not in Yosemite. If you want to see a sparkling alpine lake in the high Sierras, Tenaya Lake is the place to go.


Sentinel Beach Picnic Area

For a fun place to take a dip in the river — and to enjoy some incredible views of the granite peaks that tower over Yosemite Valley, head over to the Sentinel Beach Picnic Area. This is arguably one of the most picturesque picnic areas you will ever visit!


Mirror Lake


The stunning Mirror Lake lies in the shadow of the iconic Half Dome and offers a unique and spectacular view of the granite cliffs., If you’re looking for a little bit of solitude in the bustling metropolis of Yosemite Valley, you can likely find it here!


Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, and the Mist Trail

The Mist Trail is one of the coolest trails I have ever hiked. Seriously. Not only is it beautiful, but it offers a truly unique experience you won’t get anywhere else. We were drenched because of the mist from Vernal Fall and we loved it! Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall are huge, roaring waterfalls that showcase how majestic Yosemite really is.


Valley View Viewpoint

When you look at Yosemite Valley from the Valley View Viewpoint, you’ll feel as if you are seeing Yosemite as it was when it was first discovered! The babbling river, the smell of pine, and the ominous granite peaks high above all contribute to the magic of this beautiful area.

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After working 3 part-time jobs you finally managed to save up enough money for your backpacking dream trip. But I’m sure no one told you that making money was the easy part…. How to hold on to your money will be your biggest challenge and especially when traveling solo. The practical tips below helped me to keep my cash safe during my travels and also prepared me in case one of my bags got stolen. Fortunately this never happened and I hope these simple tips will also help you to travel safe and worry-free!


Don’t keep your eggs in one basket

Keep money in separate places. In my case I traveled with a daypack, a small cross-over shoulder bag and a backpack. I had the biggest amount of cash in the shoulder bag (which I carried on me at all times, sometimes even while sleeping!) and small amounts of cash (like 50 USD) in each of the other bags. I also carried copies of my passport in each bag.


Hide money in a lipstick

Leaving your backpack behind with money in it may feel uncomfortable. Housekeeping and fellow travelers have easy access to it while you’re out exploring. Therefore, hide the money in something unusual such as an empty lipstick or in a small Kleenex tissue pack.


Bring different types of plastic

It depends on the local bank which cards you will be able to use. Make sure to bring different types of plastic such as Maestro, Mastercard and VISA and hide them separately in case one or more of your bags get stolen.


Have enough money in your bank account

Another tip: have enough money in your bank account, but not too much in case the bad guys gets hold of your card (and in some nasty ‘forcing-you-to-withdraw-money’ scam on you). It’s better to transfer money from your savings account to your checking account every few weeks.

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The Library

Commonly known as “Singapore’s worst-kept secret”, The Library is a small bar, hidden away on Keong Saik Road, but to gain entry you’ll need the password. There are a few methods to gain the secret code (hint: just try Facebook), and once you’ve gained access to the speakeasy you’ll be greeted with a robust cocktail menu ranging from a Foursome in the Jungle, to a Hot Tub Thyme Machine.


Bitters & Love

Another spot just near Telok Ayer MRT, Bitters & Love takes classic Singaporean sips and puts a unique spin on them. Handcrafted cocktails that bring you the flavours of Singapore, with a buzzing atmosphere and pumping tunes. The only thing you’ll be asking yourself is… can I move in?


The Secret Mermaid

Right in the heart of Raffles Place, The Secret Mermaid is a bar and tasting room that focuses on American craft spirits. Celebrating the classics like gin, whiskey, vodka, and rum, Secret Mermaid is like a glorious library of booze.



If having the perfect view of Marina Bay Sands isn’t enough, why not check out CÉ LA VI. With a restaurant, club, and rooftop bar, this is an incredible spot to see Singapore from an entirely new angle. Offering panoramic views and a dedication to the finest cocktails, this is a must-stop for any visitors looking to experience some of Singapore’s finest boozy views.


Smoke & Mirrors

Located on top of the National Gallery, Smoke & Mirrors will take your breath away from the moment you enter. With a stunning sculptural bar, the dynamic space merges indoor and outdoor dining seamlessly. But that’s not all! The drinks themselves are gorgeous to look at AND to taste.


Tippling Club

Sitting on Tanjong Pagar Road, the Tippling Club is a bar and restaurant that revels in a playful, fresh approach to both dining and drinking. Cocktails here need to be seen to be believed, like tiny works of art in a glass. If you aren’t sold yet, in 2013 this joint was ranked 45th by The World’s 50 Best Bars.


Jekyll & Hyde

Sitting on Tras Street, Jekyll & Hyde is a restaurant and bar that fuses Japanese ingredients with a European flare. Their food and handcrafted cocktails are as beautiful as they are damn delicious. Though the bar itself may be tucked away on the opposite side from the entrance, you’ll be planning to stay for a while once you see what’s on the menu.


Tanjong Beach Club

Located on Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy good food, and great Singapore vibes right on the beach. With pub-style food, fresh seafood, and cocktails served in an entire pineapple, it’s the perfect spot to soak up some sun, and sip up some drinks.

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Hersheypark, Pennyslvania

Where can you gorge on world-famous chocolate, check out the theme parks, and enjoy a splash pad for the whole family? Pennsylvania’s Hersheypark, of course!


Suoi Tien Park, Vietnam

Everyone can chill out at this Buddhism-themed water park featuring live crocodiles you can feed yourself!


Great Wolf Lodge, Washington

Grand Mound is one of many Great Wolf Lodge locations around the U.S., but this family destination has an indoor water park in addition to kid-friendly accommodations and activities on dry land.


Water Park of America, Minneapolis

Not far from the famed Mall of America is its sister attraction, the epic, indoor Waterpark of America. Slides twist and turn in and out of the building itself, providing a totally unique experience.


Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Florida

Intrigued by “Insano” but can’t make it to Brazil? Blizzard Beach in Florida boasts a megaslide that strives to rival the Brazilian giant.


Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Indiana

This water park in Santa Claus, Indiana, has got guest perks on lock, free soft drinks, free sunscreen, and parents and kids are registered when you enter so you’re easily reunited if anyone gets separated.


Kva-Kva Water Park, Russia

Located about 40 minutes from Moscow and open year-round, the indoor Kva Kva Water Park is a great place to take a break from long winter months, or escape to cool off in summer!


Golfland Sunsplash, Arizona

Surprise, film buffs! This Mesa, Arizona, attraction actually stood in for San Dimas, California’s Raging Waters in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. That’s right, everything you thought you knew about famous water parks is a lie.


Happy Magic Water Cube, Beijing

Housed inside of what was once the aquatic center for the Beijing Olympics, Happy Magic Water Cube is probably the most stunning indoor (or outdoor) water park you’ll ever lay eyes on.

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Peru has been a popular destination for budget travelers and backpackers for a long time for good reasons. Traveling through Peru is really affordable! Backpack the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, see a vast amount of Incan ruins, indulge in quality Peruvian food, or visit the bustling city of Lima.



The world’s most populous country is absolutely full of amazing things to explore and do. If you’re into the ancient world, see the Great Wall, check out the Forbidden City, or observe the ancient Terracotta Army. If the city life is what you want, see Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. Indulge in nature by seeing the landscapes of Jiuzhaigou, hiking in Mutianyu, or stroll through Yu Garden.



South Korea is another great, affordable country that offers a lot of different activities for travelers to enjoy. Spend time in the city of Seoul, devour some amazing Korean food (Korean BBQ anyone!?), or visit the Buddhist temples all over the countryside.



From Himalayan peaks to iconic mausoleums, rich history to authentic culture, India is a fabulous destination for budget travelers. Visit the Taj Mahal, see Amber Fort in Jaipur, or take a trip to the bustling city of Mumbai.



Despite the economic downturn that Greece has seen in recent years, tourism is still booming and it has become more affordable than ever. Visit the ancient sites in Athens, island hop around the Mediterranean, walk through Plaka, or try the authentic Greek food at a local hot spot.



This Central American country is known for its Mayan ruins, lush rainforests, and large volcanoes. Spend some time in Antigua, see the volcanoes around Guatemala City, or explore the natural sites in the Petén Department.



This nation of volcanic islands is a hot spot for travelers who love gorgeous beaches, exotic animals, and ancient temples. Retreat to Bali for the weekend, see the monkeys at the temples of Ubud, show your gratitude at the Galungan Festival, or visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls in Singaraja.

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Situated on the Capri coast in the southern part of the country, the Blue Grotto is a 60 metre long and 20 metre wide ocean cave. The place offers a spellbinding blue light rising from the sea floor and the sun beams passing from the cave opening. The Blue Grotto is the most popular sight in the Capri island which can only be navigated using a tiny row boat.



Globally known as the place that houses the world’s greatest paintings in the entire history of arts, the Vatican Museum contains the pieces and masterpieces collected by various popes beginning in the 16th century, when it was first constructed.

It has 54 galleries with a ceiling designed by Michaelangelo himself. Back in 2013, the Vatican Museum was recorded as the 6th most visited art museum in the entire world.



A massive sprawl of ruins from primeval government structures situated at the very heart of Rome, the Roman Forum showcases ancient temples, basilicas, as well as the entire public space wearing its polychromatic dress. Locally, it is known as the Forum Magnum.

During the Middle Ages it was chiefly utilised as a grazing field for cows, and was extensively mined for its stone minerals. These excavations however only served to enhance the beauty of its other structures: the Arco de Tito, the Tempio di Antonino e Faustina, the Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Miranda, as well as the Basilica Fulvia Aemilia that dates back to 179 BC.



Emanating from the theological history of Italy, Saint Mark’s Basilica is the most popular church in Venice. This gorgeous church is located near the Grand Canal. Added to this, Saint Mark’s Basilica presents itself as one of the most distinguished example of Byzantine architecture in the planet.



A domineering sight in the eastern part of Sicily, Mt. Etna is the tallest active volcano in the European continent. Also known as Mongibello, Mt. Etna is the highest peak in the southern portion of the Alps in Italy.

With a recorded height of 3329 meters or 10,922 feet, Mt. Etna is one of the most distinct volcanoes in the world, and it has the capacity to support extensive farming and agriculture due to its fertile soil. It is also a part of Parco dell’Etna, a national park in the country.

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It is health for your house

In the view of planning our future, we should always think of the improvements to do to our home in order to keep it ready for any case of selling or inheriting to our children in the future. If we don’t pay attention to the little detail fails now, then in a not so long future, everything will start to fail. The chimneys of our houses, for example, when we see little cracks, or bricks falling off, it is a clear moment to think of quick repair. Experienced technicians worldwide, and a bit more specifically in the area of the United States can fix all facets of chimney restoration, from repair to rebuilding.


Make a healthy place for your loved ones

In the moments of family reunion and in the case of romantic diners, the place where those events take place can make a big difference in our minds. One very special spot of our homes is our fireplace. It happens that, according to the experts in the area, chimneys need to be cleaned and in optimal conditions at all times, they say that it helps make sure that the heat vents a lot more efficiently and it works properly.

Studies have shown that the result from the heater or chimney is carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent killer”. This colorless, and odorless gas is poisonous and significantly affects the health of those who inhale it. But actually, there is nothing to be worried about, because with the experts on the area working on your chimney you will always have no more than the best family place that anyone can ever have, a healthy fire place. If a professional works on your chimney repair and its regular clean, it will reduce the chance of getting carbon monoxide leak in the home, and then you will have an ideal place to sit with your loved ones.


Let the professionals give your chimney a nice touch

Experts in the hard work of cleaning and repairing chimneys would meticulously fix any fireplace or heater they see with specific attention to detail. If we do that cleaning and repair regularly enough then it won’t be that hard every time it is done. Professionals in the area will keep your fireplace in excellent conditions so that people always see the best tide of the cozy chimney you have.

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I love Tokyo! At least once a day, I think about Tokyo (or something about Tokyo). I have been to Tokyo about four times, and whenever I visit it never fails to amaze me with cool things. I’m not sure yet when my next visit is going to be, but hopefully it will be sooner.


Harajuku Takeshita Street

Whenever I visit Tokyo, this place is my first destination. I love this narrow fashion street. The stores are unique and affordable too. Latest street fashion trends can also be found on this street.


Studio Ghibli Museum

The Studio Ghibli Museum is one of my favorite museums to visit in Tokyo. It’s not too big, but the theme of the museum revolves around the different Studio Ghibli animations. And it is also very cute.


Themed Foods

My favorite places to visit in Tokyo are the cute themed cafes. Most of the time the food are also in-themed too, like shaped/designed similar to the theme of the cafe. One of my favorite food was the Moomin shaped pancake from the Moomin House Cafe, it was so cute and yummy too.



Gachapon is a capsule toy vending machine. I miss getting random cute charms or figurines from these vending machines.


Hello Kitty Japan

Hello Kitty is pretty much everywhere, there’s the Sanrio Store, Hello Kitty Japan, etc. I miss buying Hello Kitty items and seeing the different Hello Kitty Japan exclusive things.


Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is the best ramen I’ve ever had. Ichiran is a ramen restaurant (they’re all over Tokyo), where you can customize your ramen too. I don’t think I will ever get tired of eating this ramen.



I miss going to Shibuya109 especially at night. The shopping is just so much more fun during at night especially with friends.



Donki is a kind of like a department store that sells unique and random things. They have cosplays, beauty products, food, etc. I miss going here since I find really cool stuff like cute pens, socks, and other things. And they’re usually open until late at night.


Taito Station

I enjoy playing different video games and playing the UFO catchers (claw machines). Taito Station is a place for gaming/entertainment like arcades, claw machines, etc. This place especially the one in Akihabara has floors of arcades and games.

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I love this about traveling to Asia. No tipping anywhere. The closest to tipping was when taxi drivers would round up the fare if the change was just 10 cents.



You never know when you’ll need to take off your shoes. At a few restaurants and cafes where we sat on the floor, I had to take off my boots to enter the dining area. I wore tall boots so they were a bit of a hassle to slip on and off.



At restaurants and cafes with table service, take the check to the register to pay as you’re leaving. The servers won’t pick up your check at your table.



This one is difficult since it’s almost impossible to find trash cans, but you can be fined if you litter. There have been a few times where I carried my trash all the way back to the hotel.



Pick one up it at the airport when you arrive and you can carry this small router with you to get wifi everywhere. With this, you can avoid paying for an international plan on your cell phone. There’s a deposit and it costs roughly $10 a day. Make sure you leave time to return it on your flight back.



I did research on how to get to my hotel from the airport and I decided to take the bus, KAL Limousine Bus for $16, which was a bargain since the ride took about an hour and a half! There are signs at the airport in English and when buying a ticket at the booth outside, you tell them which hotel you’re going to. I picked a fairly large hotel and the bus took me right outside the hotel entrance. Easy. The limousine bus seats were huge and comfortable.



This is a tip I tell everyone when traveling. If you see a line anywhere that serves food, get on it! I discovered the amazing hodduk at Insadong that way on my last trip to Seoul.

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People think that Paris is an expensive city. I hear so many people say, “You don’t want to spend too many days in Paris, it is too much money.” But it can be affordable. Especially if you follow my list of free things to do in Paris that won’t break the bank!


Explore the famous cemeteries

The Cimetiere du Père Lachaise is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world and is the resting place of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. The Cimetiere de Montmartre dates back to 1798 and is the famous resting place of Alexandre Dumas and Edgar Degas. These cemeteries are both free and very interesting. The Montparnasse cemetery houses the graves of such renowned writers and thinkers as Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, and Julio Cortázar.


Visit Notre Dame

Entering Notre Dame is free. You can walk around and enjoy its enormous Gothic splendour. It doesn’t cost one penny to go inside. But if you want to go up the tower and take a tour of the bells, that is an extra charge. However, Notre Dame is incredible inside and out. There are other amazing view points of Paris where you don’t have to pay, so skip the tower tour.


Take a free walking tours

Different Companies offer Free City tours meeting in Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. Every day at St. Michel in the Latin Quarter and in Montmartre you can join a free walking tour of Paris. We’ve taken a couple and always learn a lot from the guides. It’s up to you if you want to tip at the end.


Go on a pub crawl

In Montmartre you can join a free pub crawl of the bars in the area. A great way to go where the locals go. Just look up free walking tours in Paris and you’ll find many a tour that takes you on a pub crawl. It’s also a great way to meet fellow travellers enjoying Paris too. There’s nothing better than having company as you explore the city.

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Gelato from Gelupo

Perfection exists in the form of handmade gelato on Soho’s Archer Street. I thought I could forget you, Gelupo, but where else will I find flavors like Ricotta Chocolate and Black Pepper? This long distance thing isn’t working.


Cookies from Ben’s Cookies

BRB, flying across the pond for a warm, melty chocolate chip cookie from Ben’s. They’re that good.


Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

There’s absolutely no excuse for this not existing in the United States. We have McFlurries. We have Cabury Creme Eggs. Get it together, McDonald’s.


Meat Pies from Pie Minister

Pie Minister is both an A+ pun and the best place in the city for meat pies. Try the Moo Pie made with British steak and craft ale, or any one of their creative offerings, and then bring one back for me.


Anything from Pret A Manger

Of course you can find Pret A Manger in big cities in the U.S., but you only actually eat there when you’re in London. Mostly because they’re on every corner and it’s delicious, but also because you eventually got tired of the Sainsbury £3 Meal Deal.


Latte from Monmouth Coffee

Just because the Brits make such good tea doesn’t mean they skimp on quality coffee. A Monmouth latte is almost good enough to convince you to stay in London forever, even if you always have to queue for it.


Scotch Eggs from Scotchtails

Scotch eggs are soft-boiled eggs encased in sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. You will become addicted to eating them all the time, then forced to go through an insane withdrawal.


Fortnum & Mason’s Afternoon Tea

Even if you didn’t drink tea before you studied in London, you started almost as soon as you landed at Heathrow. You paid wayyyyy too much for afternoon tea, but didn’t complain at all when they said you could have as many plates of scones as you wanted.


Mince Pies at Every Christmas Party

Christmastime in London means lights on Oxford Street, festive jumpers, and parties all over the city with mince pies and mulled wine. You’ll come home and expect the same. It won’t compare.

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Some of the best parts of Scotland are its beautiful, wild and rugged countryside, a part of the country that has long captivated the hearts of travelers, not least so because of the gorgeous landscapes and scenery here.

Now while a lot of this can be explored by road some of the best gems here are best explored on foot! There also aren’t really any wild animals to be scared of in Scotland so this is also the perfect place to totally get lost in nature.


Sandwood Bay

This remote beach is perfect for an afternoon hike, especially if you don’t like crowds. A place of historical significance, the Spanish Armada would have traveled past the beach in these waters in the days of old.



Overlooking Assynt in Sunderland, Quinag is a snowy peak that leads to a spine-back ridge for hikers to follow. When you reach the top some of the most stunning views in Scotland await you as a prize for your hard work.



If you enjoy coastal hiking then a trip to Portmahomack fishing village is the place for you. As you hike along the shore make sure to look out for views of neighboring Firth.


Arthur’s Seat

Come here if you want to climb a 250 metre volcanic plug. Arthur’s Seat is just outside of Edinburgh so you can actually hike from the city centre all the way to the summit in just a couple of hours.



The island of Iona is known as a premium place to hike in Scotland. Many people come here to take in that famed rugged Scottish coastline along with the pretty little church, Iona Abbey, at the same time.


Dun da Lamh

This hike ends at a stunning hill fort that dates back to the Iron Age and, at an elevation of 500 metres, is less taxing than many other walks in the area. From the hill fort you can look down over Loch Spey.

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Hope. Fear. Excitement. Traveling for the first time provided me with wave of conflicting emotions. When I left to travel the world, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t well traveled and was as green as they come. No one I knew had ever done this before. To compensate for my lack of preparedness, I followed my guidebooks and wet my feet with tours. I was young and inexperienced, and I made a lot of rookie travel mistakes.

Now, with 10 years of travel under my belt, I know better. If I could sit my younger self down before he left for his world trip, I would give him this advice:


Travel slow

It can be tempting to try to see it all. With limited vacation time, we are always trying to squeeze everything in, rushing through 20 cities in 20 days, or 100 countries on our round-the-world trip. In the end, all we have to show for it are photos, stress, and a whirlwind of experiences but no real knowledge of the places we went.


Get people’s contact information

You will make a lot of friends on the road. Some of them will become lifelong friends. But sometimes you don’t get their contact information and you regret it forever. Facebook and e-mail make it easy to stay in touch with people for years after your trip, so get people’s contact information! Don’t let your new friends fade into memory.


Get a phone

You’ll meet a lot of people on the road who you will want to see again. While Facebook can be handy for staying in touch, it isn’t ideal for planning meet-ups when people are constantly on the move. Did your friends get the message? Will they be there?! Who knows!


Take extra money

Travel isn’t as expensive as you think, you’ll travel through Asia on $15 a day or Europe on $40, but you’ll learn there are always unexpected expenses.


Don’t be scared

Fear is a powerful deterrent. Taking the leap into the unknown is scary, but you aren’t the first person to travel the world. You aren’t discovering new continents or exploring uncharted territories.


You are not alone

Wherever you go, there is a network of travelers who will be your friends, give you advice or tips, and help you out. They will guide you, point you in the right direction, and be your mentors. You aren’t out there on your own. You will make friends. You will be OK. Though you are traveling alone, you will never be alone.

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The scariest part of anybody’s travel is the planning stage. However, it can also be the most exciting, but oftentimes just thinking about everything that needs to be done before a trip is the most daunting and overwhelming part. I’ve compiled my best tips for the planning stage of your travels!


Backup All Your Documentation

In case anything goes wrong, it’s imperative to have all your documentation backed up somewhere online. A copy of your passport could help to prove your identity in a pinch or, if your credit card goes missing, you’ll still be able to make purchases online with the card number. I recommend Dropbox for those using a Mac or Google Drive for those using Windows. If you want to backup your entire laptop to the cloud, my personal favorite is Backblaze.


Get Travel Insurance. Seriously.

This is one I’ve been on the fence about in the past but have since realized it’s one of the most important things you can have. I’ve been in situations where I didn’t need it and I didn’t have it, and I’ve been in situations where I really needed it and I’m very glad that I had it. After further adventures, what I’ve realized is that, especially on your travels, anything can happen, and you’re always better off being covered. It could mean a couple hundred bucks now or a couple hundred thousand later.


Create a City Guide Before You Arrive

The most disorienting moment is when you first arrive in a city, after you get your bags dropped off at your accommodation, and you walk out the front door.

Google Maps is the perfect app for your smartphone. After researching all the notable spots that you want to visit, type them into Google Maps and click “Save” which will add a star to your map. Then you can see which areas have the highest concentration of places that you want to go. If you have a Google account, this will also sync across devices, meaning you can star the items on the web interface and they will show up on your mobile.


Get Vaccinated and Keep the Records

Every country requires different vaccinations, and some won’t let you enter without proof. When I entered China, I went through a rigorous medical procedure full of tests, shots, and ultrasounds. If I actually had some of my previous records on hand, I probably could have avoided a major headache.

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It should come as no surprise that a continent as vast as South America contains a near infinite number of opportunities for adventure. Having limitless possibilities can prove overwhelming, though, especially during the trip planning process. I thought I’d make things a little easier for you by compiling a list of out-of-this-world experiences, all thoroughly tested for awesomeness and approved by yours truly.

Climb Mount Roraima in Venezuela

I’ll be honest with you, climbing this was probably the most physically challenging excursions I’ve ever undertaken. Was the reward worth the effort? Absolutely. This part of the world is still largely under-explored and overlooked by the average traveler, so to say you’ve stood atop one of the oldest geological formations on Earth will be an achievement few others can claim.

Tan on a nude beach in Tayrona National Park

If and when you should find yourself on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, make a beeline for Tayrona National Park. Here, you’ll find some of the most stunning, unadulterated white sand beaches for your lounging pleasure, some of which cater to the free-spirited types that prefer to go au natural.

Hiking in La Cordillera Blanca, Peru

La Cordillera Blanca, the country’s highest mountain range, is home to several peaks topping out well over 5,000 meters as well as many turquoise-hued lagoons that you’ll swear can’t possibly be real. Hiking enthusiasts will fall in love with this high-altitude playground, and even if you’re not a die-hard outdoorsman, shorter day hikes allow you to experience the mind-blowing scenery without totally wrecking your body.

Visit The World’s Largest Salt Flat

No trip to Bolivia is complete without experiencing el Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. In the rainy months (November to March) the ground is covered with a constant shallow layer of water, creating a striking mirror effect. In the dry months, you can have all kinds of fun with forced perspective photography.

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Beaches like you’ve never seen before

Before you start dreaming of laying out on a hot sandy beach, you have to know that Oregon beaches are chilly. As in you’ll definitely want a jacket, even in mid-July. Even though you can’t really swim, the beaches are incredible in their own regard. Stop at as many as you can along the way.


The food

If you’re a seafood lover, the Oregon Coast is prime real estate for the freshest, most delicious seafood. In fact, on our last family trip there last summer, we had a Quest for the Best clam chowder and you can see who won! And if you’re not a seafood lover, you’ll still find unique sandwiches you can barely hold with both hands, homemade doughnut shops, and the best sourdough bakery I’ve ever been to.


It’s the perfect temp

As opposed to Disneyland where the heat is sweltering and the sweat starts dripping down into your socks, the Oregon Coast always seems to stay a comfortable 70 degrees. It’s never too hot or too cold.


The tide pools

This should be higher on the list because it is our absolute favorite Oregon Coast activity…and it’s FREE! I would rather spend an afternoon leisurely perusing rocky pools and crevices for starfish, sea anemones, and crabs than waiting in lines for hours. My kids adored climbing rocks and pointing at sea treasures.


See sea life in real life

You don’t have to wade through crowds of people like you do at Sea World to see great sea life on the Oregon Coast. Seals, sea lions, porpoises, and even whales are right there in front of you, without the hefty ticket price. At Cape Arago in Coos Bay, Oregon, hundreds of seals gather on Simpson’s Reef and you can see and hear them down below yelping and bellowing.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine

Emperor Meiji is one of the most respected former emperors of Japan, because he helped modernize Japan and allow Japan to become the country it is today. Nestled in one of Tokyo’s many parks is a shrine dedicated entirely to him.

There are displays of items from Japan’s history along the way, such as barrels of sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink. The main attraction in the shrine is the little placards hanging in a circle around a large tree with wishes written on them by people all around the world.

Shinjuku at night

Shinjuku is famous for its nightlife. As soon as you enter the district’s borders, you’ll see neon signs all around. Apparently this portion of the city never sleeps, and I could believe it. Even at 11 at night, the surroundings were so bright from all the signs and the street lights that it was almost like it was still day. Go shopping, stop in a bar or an arcade, or eat some real Japanese cuisine, but make sure to come at night!


Skytree Tower

The tallest tower in the world, Skytree tower was originally built to be a radio tower, although now it’s a popular tourist destination. The fare to get to the very top of the tower is ridiculously expensive, but even if you don’t go to the very top, you can buy a ticket to the floor that’s 350m above the ground which still offers a generous view of Tokyo. Or if you prefer not to spend money, you don’t need to go up at all.

The outer view of the tower itself and the shops and restaurants surrounding the tower provide a great experience on their own.


Tokyo Disney

If you’ve never been to the original Disney in America, well, here’s your chance! Although the language change might be a bit disorienting, if you’re a Disney lover, you’re sure to have a blast! This Disney offers plenty of things to do.


Tokyo Tower

A national landmark the Tokyo tower may not be as tall as Skytree tower, but instead there’s a mall underneath, where I ate those delicious pancakes pictured above. Buy a ticket to go to the top for a spectacular view of the park its in, or just hang out in the mall.



Shibuya crossing, the crosswalk pictured above, is famous because all the streetlights go red at once and all the walk signals light up together; what follows is a mass of people streaming across the street in a larger magnitude than anywhere else except perhaps Times Square.

This area is also famous for its shopping, and you can buy anything from electronics to funky patterned socks in this area.

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Nashville has many great things to offer. The people, the beautiful clean streets, awesome places to relax and enjoy the company of your friends, and the food. Oh god the food. My mouth drooled by just writing that. Remembering all the awesome food I ate makes me miss Nashville so much! If you are planning on travelling there you’ve come to the right place to start your day with amazing food!


Arnold’s Country Kitchen

This is where my boyfriend and I had our first taste of Nashville food. However, we didn’t expect its high popularity so the line to get inside was a bit long. It was 11:30 am on Friday and the line was out to the street. Locals and tourists grabbed trays and picked out meats and side dishes and dessert, then found a spot at one of the tables. This is southern cooking is simply amazing!


The Southern Steak & Oyster

The Southern is the place to go if you want an upscale restaurant with a gourmet menu and reasonable prices. The Southern is within walking distance of Broadway, located not far from the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.



To be honest, my boyfriend and I weren’t expecting much of this place. But oh, the food was so good. There were so many things on the menu that we wanted to try. According to our waitress, Merchants’ hottest dishes are the Chicken Fried Chicken and the fish tacos. My boyfriend went for the fish tacos and I ate the grilled salmon BLT. Both were very good.


Loveless Cafe

Over and over we kept hearing about Loveless Cafe, so much so that we couldn’t skip it. Tim and I were surprised to learn that one of Nashville’s most popular restaurants is located so far from downtown. In fact, Loveless Cafe is thirty minutes away from downtown Nashville by car.



This is the most upscale restaurant on the list and consistently gets stellar reviews from its clients. It is located across the street from The Southern (mentioned above). With entrees in the $30 ballpark it was a little out of our price range so we chose The Southern instead. Etch is a modern, trendy restaurant that serves dishes like octopus and shrimp bruschetta, grilled lamb loin, and grilled filet. (Source:

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Queens Bath

I honestly wasn’t prepared for how interesting and beautiful Queens Bath is. Google images definitely don’t do this place justice. It’s a natural attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Located on the North Shore, Queens Bath is a unique tide pool surrounded by black igneous rock and filled with small sea creatures. For the adrenaline junkies, you can even jump from the towering igneous rock cliff into the Queens Bath.


Secret Beach

A hidden gem, this beautiful beach is tucked away on the North side of Kauai. It is accessed by a steep hike through vegetation off of a small dirt road. The beach is so big that you really feel like it’s empty. The ocean was a little more rough when I went, but it made for some fun boogie boarding. If you take a long walk away from the entrance of the beach, beware of hippie nudists.


Kauai Bike Path

Located on the East shore, this paved path runs right along the shoreline and is an easy and enjoyable ride for people of all ages. My boyfriend and I rented our beach cruisers from a little bike shop behind Ono’s Restaurant. For two bikes for two hours, it was only $15 total. At the end of the Kauai bike path, make sure to lock your bikes up and explore Donkey Beach. There are no signs indicating you can access the beach at the end of the path, but there is a dirt road you can walk on to access it. We had no idea Donkey Beach was located there until we returned our bikes.


Poipu Beach

This is the most popular beach to go to on the South shore. The waves are great for surfing, paddle boarding, and boogie boarding. Not to mention, you’re more than likely to spot a sea turtle or two here swimming in the ocean. Although dubbed the most “touristy” side of the island, Poipu beach and the surrounding town of Koloa is filled with great eats, quaint shops, and locals alike.

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If it’s your first time visiting Abu Dhabi then there re various important yet easy tips you’ll need to know! I’ve visited Abu Dhabi before and it’s one of the most beutiful places I’ve ever been to. However, when I first went there I ignorantly did things that I didn’t know weren’t aloud there and well, let’s just say it was very embarrassing.  The second time I visited Abu Dhabi I learned my lesson and was well prepared. Hopefully, this article will also prepare you too and you’ll be able to make the most out of your trip!


Dress Code

Unless you’re relaxing in your hotel room, ladies need to cover shoulders and knees. However, it’s good to protect your skin with breathable, lightweight fabrics. And while temperatures outdoors may be scorching hot, when you head inside it’s freezing!


Mosque Manners

Women aren’t expected to cover their heads all the time, but it’s a must at the Grand Mosque. Women are also prohibited from wearing tight clothing. Both men and women are prohibited from wearing anything sleeveless, like tanks tops, tees and polo shirts.


Photo Faux Pas

Does a trip count if you don’t have the selfie to prove you were there? In this case, yes. While at the Grand Mosque, it’s natural to want to snap a selfie with your group. However, that means you’re touching, which is a big no-no! (Source:


Get on the Water

When we hear on the news about the “Persian Gulf”, it’s rarely good events. And yet the gulf’s waters are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The view is spectacular, the sailing is fantastic and relaxing.


Eat with an Open Mind

In Abu Dhabi you’ll find it’s not so easy to find a place that serves authentic Emirati food. Struggle not and head to Shaikha Al Kaabi’s food truck Meylas. She’s the first person to run a food truck in the UAE. Meyeylas means a gathering place and it features food from the recipes of Ms. Al Kabbi’s mother and grandmother.


Take a Walk

When the sun finally sets, all of Abu Dhabi heads to the waterfront for a long stroll. Head to the Corniche, a walkway along the seacoast, for a breathtaking walk.

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So many times that I’ve been to Italy that I even thought I knew all about Italy. However, just recently I realized I knew so little from Italy to the point where ALL of the facts that I’m going to list below shocked me so much! Maybe they will shock you too!


Don’t Walk Off Without The Bill Or Receipt

There’s a reason for this one, The Guardia di Finanza (tax police) may stop you as you leave an establishment and ask you to present your receipt. The shop keeper can be fined €2500 if you can’t demonstrate it.

Taxes are expensive in Italy and some shop keepers try to avoid paying taxes. It is their responsibility to make sure you leave with your receipt.


Cover Bare Shoulders And Knees When Entering A Church

Churches such as St. Peters Basilica in Rome, the Duomo in Florence, and St. Mark’s in Venice have strictly enforced dress codes. Basically no bare shoulders, midriffs, or knees. And while there isn’t a door keeper at every single church in Italy, these are still places of worship and you should be respectful when entering them.


Condom Vending Machines

Just last week I was walking around my little town with my boyfriend and his family. As we passed the farmacia (pharmacy), we suddenly see a condom vending machine. We were all quite shocked as we aren’t used to seeing those things back home (Venezuela). This particular vending machine had quite the selection!


Spotting Artisan Gelato

High-quality, artisan gelato can only be stored for a few days. It’s also a time consuming process to make it, so some shops in Italy are beginning to sell industrial, mass-produced gelato instead of making it using traditional methods. They taste amazing too! Give it a try some time!


Tipping Is Not Required And Can Even Be Considered Offensive

If you ever go to Italy don’t EVER tip anyone. No matter how tempted you are, don’t do it. The first time I went to Italy I tipped the waiter at the restaurant my boyfriend and I were eating at. As we were walking out the waiter basically chased us telling us that there is no need for us to do that there. As time went by, we realized that people can actually get offended by tipping.





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South Korea is filled with all sorts of wonders and their food is no exception. Especially their desserts. Their desserts are to die for! I’ve never eating such amazing sweets like the ones in Korea. The best part about them is that they are ridiculously cheap!


  • Bungeoppang

    This goldfish-shaped bread called bungeoppang (붕어빵) is a delicious treat that can be found everywhere in Korea. This treat is enjoyed during all year round, especially during the winter as it’s warm and an amazing comfort food. Crispy outside and filled with warm red bean paste inside, it’s a must-try snack in Korea!

  • Poop Bread

    It may not sound delicious but trust me, the best things in life come in a very strange way. The poop bread is a popular desserts in Korea. It’s named poop bread after its comical shape (in Korean it’s: ddong pang). It’s a popular snack you can find in Insa-dong, Seoul. This poop bread has red bean paste and nuts inside, and it sells for 1,000 won (about 1 USD) each.


  • Banana Milk


    Banana milk is the best thing ever. I love getting one at the convenience store. They give you this tiny straw that is so cute with the plump body of the container. Banana milk was first released in 1974 and is still around! Banana milk now has two other flavors, strawberry and melon. I suggest trying out the strawberry! It’s super delicious.

  • Honey Toasted Bread

    This thick slice of bread toasted with honey, butter, and sugar is sinfully amazing. Kim Soo Hyun’s Cafe Bene is popular for its honey breads.

  • Oreo O’s Cereal

    Oreo O’s cereal was discontinued when Kraft Foods sold Post Cereals to Ralcorp. However, in Korea you’ll find these just bout EVERYWHERE. A box of Oreo O’s cereal sells for 600 won, which is less than 1 USD, in Korea. While online a box of Oreo O’s cereal is about 15 USD.

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Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is the best place for hiking. During the summer, the temperature can range from 40°F on the rim to over 100°F in the inner gorge along the river. Don’t worry about camping as there is a beautiful camping area available at the Indian Gardens, as well as Bright Angel Campground.


Mount Kimball

The trail is simply amazing and truly awesome. It starts climbing in the desert hills on the edge of Tucson and just keeps going until you get to the top. Once you reach the top you’re rewarded with breathtaking views of the mountains.


West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon

Once you arrive at the creek that’s where the real beauty begins. However, you’ll want some shoes that you don’t mind getting wet since as you hike up the creek you’ll need to walk through some pools. The further you go, you may even be able to do some swimming. Everything about the creek is so beautiful that you won’t even want to leave!


Havasu Falls

The waterfalls lie within the Havasupai Indian Reservation. For hiking and camping here you’ll need a permit. Be sure to have your permit ready before coming here. Currently it’s $40 for the hiking permit/environmental fee and $17 per night for the campground. It may sound a bit pricey but trust me, it’s all worth it.


Camelback Mountain

The climb to the top gains 1,264 feet in 1.2 miles and a lot of that is going from one giant boulder to the next. This hike is definitely not for beginner hikers (trust me, I learned this the hard way). The best time of day for the hike is early morning or at least an hour before sunset to avoid the peak heat of the day.


Kendrick Peak

The trail gradually climbs through the forest and comes to an old fire lookout cabin that was built in 1911 and makes a great place for a snack. At the peak stands a fire lookout tower that is manned in the summer. The attendants in the summer are usually happy to let people checkout the tower and take in the view from the top of it. They even had a dog bowl with water for the pups and Emma had a drink. The trail is 8 miles in all and gains 2,640 feet to it’s 10,418 feet peak. This also happened to be the first 10,000 foot mountain that Jennifer climbed! (Source:

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People have many ways for visiting Iceland, as diverse as they may be, once you set your feet in the country many things will probably full your mind. Among those things, having the structure for the transportation makes a big difference. Find elements that take away the concerns in mind, with the more comfortable elements, this will for sure make you staying unforgettable. What to be aware of when renting a car


As soon as the decision for renting a car has been made, there is no more to do than ending up


Being satisfied with the results. It is very beneficial for many in terms of time and money saving, as well as the comfort it may represent.


Drop the rigid agenda of public transportation

Rent a car in Iceland has provided its clients the best service in the area. Customers feel satisfied with the service and see that it is actually very important to go under safe providers and get the service that they have actually paid for. Not having a concern on how to move around the city will give you the opportunity to save money and time and also provide comfort to yourself and the people that probably are traveling with you.


Talk to the experts in car rental

If you know what are the best elements to be aware of in the car rental business, then you will see that the service of this area in Iceland definitely covers them all. Innovation and technology as well as safety and security are the priorities for the companies back there. GPS, insurance, technical support, great service, and many other elements offered, make this business one of the most useful ones for all of the travelers and visitors to the area. After completing your journey in the country and when you are going Back home you will feel satisfied from your saying and the completion of your tasks thanks to the help of Iceland car rental.

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Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world, and is located in La Encarnacion Square. You should seriously go there and enjoy the amazing structure. I took so many pictures and yet I still think 30 was still not enough to capture its beauty. Also, it was completed in 2011 and is known locally as Las Setas de la Encarnación (Encarnacion’s Mushrooms).


General Archive Of The Indies

The General Archive of the Indies is located next to Seville Cathedral and contains important documents relating to the history of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and the Philippines. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A lot of tourist visit this site and I can now understand why! Simply breathtaking.


Plaza De San Lorenzo Church

This church has a statue of San Lorenzo on the main altarpiece. San Lorenzo (Lawrence of Rome) was martyred in 258. The church stands next to a beautiful square that’s filled with orange trees.


Hospital De La Caridad

Hospital de la Caridad has been around since 1674, and still cares for elderly patients. The hospital’s chapel is open to the public. So go ahead and pass by to check it out! (or check in).


Real Alcazar

Real Alcazar is the oldest royal palace in Europe that’s still in use. It is the official Seville residence of the royal family. The palace is said to be one of the most beautiful in Spain. Part of the fifth season of Game of Thrones was filmed in Real Alcazar.


Hotel Alfonso XIII

Hotel Alfonso XIII is a historic building that was also built for the Ibero-American Expo of 1929. The official opening was attended by King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg. The hotel is owned by the city but run by Starwood Hotels. Click here for more information about Hotel Alfonso XIII.


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Don’t only think about decoration

There are many things that will give people the satisfaction of looking around and feel pleased with what they see. Our home as it is what it is should be treated as a temple. Making our home a lot more pleasant wouldn’t be that difficult, with the right set of blinds. This, as it may seem a small element, is actually a great characteristic of decoration that give spaces a big difference in addition to many other more elaborated features.


The offer of the market

Form the past of time, man has evolved in many aspects and so has done the decoration. It has all depended on the taste of its creators and developers. One of the elements that make our spaces a lot nicer, not only in terms of décor, but also in lighting characteristics are the blinds in our windows. We all need to select the elements we want our places to be filled with as they will set it the style we at the end want.


Australians options

The steps to make our homes a lot more comfortable and enjoyable can be generally provided by the people who have the knowledge about it. Australia, for example, has one of the finest markets in terms of blinds. More specifically, the roller blinds Sydney will bring to their clients the best of the options either the markets and business or décor wise for their clients to take the right decisions and be more than satisfied with the elements and service provided. There are many features that can be considered upon the selection of the blinds for any space to be installed in. All that matter in this market is the taste you put into your spaces and the experts you have by your side in order to make that taste shine.

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Travelling with a baby may seem like a challenge to a lot of people. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Anyone who goes well prepared will enjoy the trip without worrying about their baby possibly annoying other people on the trip. I’ll give you some quick and practical tips on travelling with your baby!


Fly At The Right Time

By this I mean that it’s highly recommended to travel when you baby is sleepy. This way, your baby will be sleeping the entire trip and you’ll be able to relax with no problems!


Call The Airline

The airline will probably ask you to bring your baby’s documents such as a copy of his birth certificate or even a vaccine record. Just to be safe, always call in case you need something in order to travel with your baby.


Bring A Portable Changing Pad

If you don’t have one yet, I suggest buying one as soon as possible. You’ll be needing it for the trip for whenever the baby needs to be changed.


Bring One Diaper Per 2 Hours Of Travel Time

Being prepared is important during a trip. Bring as many diapers you think you’ll be needed but if you aren’t sure how many you should bring then I suggest 1 diaper per 2 hours of travel time.


Wear The Baby

I’ve done it both ways, and it was so much easier to wear the baby in the airport, especially if you are traveling alone. You don’t have to fold up anything or ask someone to hold baby at security. When wearing the baby back pack through security, they just test your hands for explosives. But, you do not have to take baby or backpack off. Going to the bathroom with a stroller alone is super tricky too. I use this baby backpack. Baby backpack allows you to have your hands free to hold your phone of coffee or whatever. (Source:

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Packing for a trip may be exciting however, at times we forget to pack something as important as a first aid kit. Not everyone knows what exactly to pack but don’t worry because I’m here to help!


Pain reliever

During the trip anything unexpected can happen. For such cases it’s important to be prepared. Carrying a couple of pain killers will have you be ready for any annoyance.


Bug Spray

I swear, mosquitoes love me no matter how hard I try to cover myself. Something that made a huge difference was using a bug spray. It kept all those annoying creatures out of sight. I was able to enjoy my trip thanks to using the bug spray. If you don’t like carrying a huge bottle you can also try the bug wipes instead.



No matter where you go, sunscreen is a must. Even if the weather is a bit cloudy, the sun rays can still affect you. Always carry a bottle with you and before going out, apply a generous amount on any area that is exposed.



If any small incident happens to you or your kids, a band-aid will help you. Going on a hike with my friends and family has made us suffer a couple of minor cuts and we immediately put a band-aid on in order to prevent infection.


Allergy Relief

For those of you who suffer from constant allergy attacks (like myself), you’ll be feeling a lot better throughout the trip if you come prepared. Pack a allergy relief medicine in case an allergy kicks in. However, if the allergy reaction is too severe it’s best to rush to a hospital.


Nose Spray

Again, for those of you who suffer from allergies you may also find that it’s also important to pack a nose spray. This will let you breathe properly without any problems.



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