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Hey there! Are you ready to plan an unforgettable trip to Yosemite National Park?!?! From the waterfalls, mountains, and soaring views to the lakes, forests, and wildlife, you are sure to find something that everyone in your group will LOVE.

Yosemite is a place where memories are made and talked about for years to come. I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I saw that amazingly iconic view of the valley. THIS PARK TOUCHED MY SOUL and I couldn’t wait to go back, I know that you want the same for your vacation!

I’ve extensively explored Yosemite and am here to help! Whether this is your first time to Yosemite, or if you are returning after many years and would like to be reintroduced to the park, this list is for you.


Tenaya Lake

Imagine having the ability to drive along the road and see a beautiful high-elevation alpine lake! In my experience, usually high alpine lakes are only accessible by hiking to them, but not in Yosemite. If you want to see a sparkling alpine lake in the high Sierras, Tenaya Lake is the place to go.


Sentinel Beach Picnic Area

For a fun place to take a dip in the river — and to enjoy some incredible views of the granite peaks that tower over Yosemite Valley, head over to the Sentinel Beach Picnic Area. This is arguably one of the most picturesque picnic areas you will ever visit!


Mirror Lake


The stunning Mirror Lake lies in the shadow of the iconic Half Dome and offers a unique and spectacular view of the granite cliffs., If you’re looking for a little bit of solitude in the bustling metropolis of Yosemite Valley, you can likely find it here!


Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, and the Mist Trail

The Mist Trail is one of the coolest trails I have ever hiked. Seriously. Not only is it beautiful, but it offers a truly unique experience you won’t get anywhere else. We were drenched because of the mist from Vernal Fall and we loved it! Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall are huge, roaring waterfalls that showcase how majestic Yosemite really is.


Valley View Viewpoint

When you look at Yosemite Valley from the Valley View Viewpoint, you’ll feel as if you are seeing Yosemite as it was when it was first discovered! The babbling river, the smell of pine, and the ominous granite peaks high above all contribute to the magic of this beautiful area.

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