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Gelato from Gelupo

Perfection exists in the form of handmade gelato on Soho’s Archer Street. I thought I could forget you, Gelupo, but where else will I find flavors like Ricotta Chocolate and Black Pepper? This long distance thing isn’t working.


Cookies from Ben’s Cookies

BRB, flying across the pond for a warm, melty chocolate chip cookie from Ben’s. They’re that good.


Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

There’s absolutely no excuse for this not existing in the United States. We have McFlurries. We have Cabury Creme Eggs. Get it together, McDonald’s.


Meat Pies from Pie Minister

Pie Minister is both an A+ pun and the best place in the city for meat pies. Try the Moo Pie made with British steak and craft ale, or any one of their creative offerings, and then bring one back for me.


Anything from Pret A Manger

Of course you can find Pret A Manger in big cities in the U.S., but you only actually eat there when you’re in London. Mostly because they’re on every corner and it’s delicious, but also because you eventually got tired of the Sainsbury £3 Meal Deal.


Latte from Monmouth Coffee

Just because the Brits make such good tea doesn’t mean they skimp on quality coffee. A Monmouth latte is almost good enough to convince you to stay in London forever, even if you always have to queue for it.


Scotch Eggs from Scotchtails

Scotch eggs are soft-boiled eggs encased in sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. You will become addicted to eating them all the time, then forced to go through an insane withdrawal.


Fortnum & Mason’s Afternoon Tea

Even if you didn’t drink tea before you studied in London, you started almost as soon as you landed at Heathrow. You paid wayyyyy too much for afternoon tea, but didn’t complain at all when they said you could have as many plates of scones as you wanted.


Mince Pies at Every Christmas Party

Christmastime in London means lights on Oxford Street, festive jumpers, and parties all over the city with mince pies and mulled wine. You’ll come home and expect the same. It won’t compare.