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Find An agenda that can help you get organized

This is different for everyone depending on your needs. Weather it’s an app or anything you want to use that will keep you organize will work just fine. I prefer using apps to keep me organized.


Categorize all of your errands and due dates

By doing this you’ll always be up-to-date with all the things you need to get done. This tip always helped me in school. I managed to get excellent grades thanks to organization and categorizing everything. Give it a try, it might work really well or you too!


Make Enough Food At Dinner For Left Overs The Next Day

When I wasn’t organized I always did everything at the very last minute even cooking. There were times where I wouldn’t even eat as I didn’t have enough time to cook something. The way I’ve found to combat this is just to make doubles every night. I just make extra and then bring it as lunch the next day!


Get Rid Of Any Excess You Have

It’s easier to be organized when you have less to keep organized. For me, this was getting rid of my 5000 office supplies. No one needs 4 hole punchers or 58 half-used pencils. So I started bringing extra pencils to school and just giving them to whoever had forgotten one that day and they disappeared pretty quickly. Now I just have my favorite pens and supplies and keep a few of each in my backpack and my messenger bag so that no matter which one I use I have the supplies I need. (Source: lifesadare.co).


Empty Your Backpack Every Day

This was a huge one for me. I have a scarily clean backpack. No wrappers, no receipts, nothing. Just exactly what I need in it, and there’s a reason for that.

The first thing I do is empty the bag onto the bed, put away whatever I’m not going to need the next day, throw out the garbage, file away papers, and then put everything else I’ll need the next day back in the backpack. This helps you get ready for the next day before it even starts and makes sure that you don’t make your bag turn into a garbage can.