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Not everything about video games can be fun right? Some are hits and some are misses. Some have stood the test of time and others, just fade away into darkness.

But there is no going around the fact that some games have been very famous for all the wrong reasons and none of them are good. This is the subject I want to talk about in this post. What are the games that have just been a load of crap? Here are some of the ones I consider to be the worse of the worst.

But, remember, this is just my humble opinion; I am not a video game expert even though, I do know a good game when I see it and one of them is: Runescape so, better start to buy runescape gold.

This is a really old one: Bad Street Brawler

This game goes all the way back to the eighties. But you can only imagine. This game is so bad that people still remember this game! Everything about this game is crazy and politically incorrect. Why am I saying this? Just for the simple fact that the lead character gets to punch midgets and dogs! I mean seriously? How much worse could this game get?


I can kind of understand that some video games are looking to attract the attention of a targeted audience. But, that does not mean the quality of a video game is not even being taken into consideration and this game is a clear example of that!

Whoever thought of topless BMX definitely has a serious psychological problem or maybe too much time in their hands!

Another oldie: ET the Extra Terrestrial

Some movies and video games are just so good that the people who focused on developing these games should just leave this amazing hit as it was originally made. Why do a bunch of movies or lame video games after that?

We get that E.T. was truly a remarkable movie but, is there even a need to create a video game out of it when the movie was just so good? This is just a waste of time and money let me tell you! Thank God this game goes all the way back to the eighties and it is not around anymore!