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After working 3 part-time jobs you finally managed to save up enough money for your backpacking dream trip. But I’m sure no one told you that making money was the easy part…. How to hold on to your money will be your biggest challenge and especially when traveling solo. The practical tips below helped me to keep my cash safe during my travels and also prepared me in case one of my bags got stolen. Fortunately this never happened and I hope these simple tips will also help you to travel safe and worry-free!


Don’t keep your eggs in one basket

Keep money in separate places. In my case I traveled with a daypack, a small cross-over shoulder bag and a backpack. I had the biggest amount of cash in the shoulder bag (which I carried on me at all times, sometimes even while sleeping!) and small amounts of cash (like 50 USD) in each of the other bags. I also carried copies of my passport in each bag.


Hide money in a lipstick

Leaving your backpack behind with money in it may feel uncomfortable. Housekeeping and fellow travelers have easy access to it while you’re out exploring. Therefore, hide the money in something unusual such as an empty lipstick or in a small Kleenex tissue pack.


Bring different types of plastic

It depends on the local bank which cards you will be able to use. Make sure to bring different types of plastic such as Maestro, Mastercard and VISA and hide them separately in case one or more of your bags get stolen.


Have enough money in your bank account

Another tip: have enough money in your bank account, but not too much in case the bad guys gets hold of your card (and in some nasty ‘forcing-you-to-withdraw-money’ scam on you). It’s better to transfer money from your savings account to your checking account every few weeks.

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