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Art can be expressed in many ways; painting, sculpting, writing, singing, dancing or acting. It helps the soul to heal, nations to understand and change, society to grow, families to learn and lovers to express what they so fervently feel.
When more than one types of art come together is like magic. For example what happens with musicals. Acting, dancing and singing join into one to sell an idea in a very harmonizing way allowing the public to connect with the characters and understand with more details the concept of the play or the movie. Whatever the case musicals have always had the characteristic of being colorful and fun, they can be about different subject such as drama, romance, adventure and even horror.
There is a place in the world where musicals have become part of their culture and that is India, yes, they love movies and they love to have at least one musical number in their productions even if it is at the end of the story. However India is a huge country with more than one official language which means that traditions and culture changes with the region (except for musicals, they all love musicals). For example there is a language called telugu which is spoken for about eighty million people in the states of Telangana, Andhara and the district of Yanam where is the official language.

Because it is the second more spoken language the ones who speak this dialect had created their own spectacle business named tollywood. Pretty similar from Bollywood or Hollywood however a little less known. Tollywood productions are mostly musicals and romance, if you are a cinema enthusiast I highly recommend you to watch any of their movies, they give new stories with new actors leading to a fresh sensation and always stay tuned about Tollywood News.