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Quizlet is my favorite. It’s a flashcard app that allows you to make multiple sets so you can make a new set for every class! Not only that, but it is so easy to sync between all your devices. It also has a function where it will create tests for you out of your flashcards! This is how I do all of my exam prep, and I have seen a 7% increase in my marks since starting!


Self-Control App

Self-Control App is actually a desktop app, and it saved me during exam season this year. What happens is you create a blacklist of sites you are not allowed to go on (for me that’s Pinterest, Life as a Dare, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix) and then you set the amount of time you want to be offline for! Then it doesn’t let you go on them at all, and it’s impossible to shut off. It’s fantastic.


Google Docs

Google Docs is how I got through group assignments. The greatest thing about Google Docs that makes it good for group assignments is that multiple people can edit at once! Plus there’s an auto-save function so you’re a lot less likely to lose your work halfway through.


Study Cal – Student Planner and Organizer

Study Cal is, in my opinion, the best study calendar ever. It even integrates what grade you need to get on each assignment to meet your GPA that you want! It’s fantastic, and so worth the few dollars it costs! I love how customizable it is and how smoothly it runs! It allows you to add semesters, manage your classes, and plan study to-do lists for all of your assignments and exams with reminders.


Mint: Money Manager, Budget Planner

As you all know by now, I love me a good budget. I’ve been using Mint since the beginning of first year to keep track of my spending. One of the things I love about Mint is that it shows you what percentage of your spending goes to what.

This is also super easy to sync all your data with since you can log in online, as well, and manually enter spending details to further perfect those percentages! I love it, and it even has a budgeting tool to help show you how much you SHOULD be spending on everything.