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DARK is one of those series that perfectly combines drama with supernatural.

It gives it a certain originality a great effect on the people who watch it.

The first season of the series had a huge popularity, being according to the statistics of NETFLIX, one of the series more marauded by the public during 2017. Its resounding success assured a second season that could be released at the end of 2018 .

Here are a few thing you may not know about Dark even though you’ve already watched it:

1- DARK was the first German series produced by Netflix.

2- The shirt worn by one of the children killed in the series says “Atomcraft, Nein Danke” which was the slogan of the German Antinuclear movement in the 80’s.

3- The skeleton costume worn by Mikkel is a reference to the movie Donnie Darko.

4- The date of November 12 in the series is a reference to the movie “Back To The Future”.

5- Most of the scenes of the series that were filmed outdoors, were filmed in a military experimentation field in Berlin, where it is said that strange disappearances and paranormal events have happened.

6- The song that the young Ulrich is listening is called “Pleasure To Kill” by the German band Kreator.

7- There are several references to the TWIX chocolate bar in the series. In Germany from 1976 to 1991 this chocolate bar had the name “Raider”, so when Ulrich finds a chocolate bar with the name “Raider” it is a clue that he is in the 80’s.

8- The time machine that appears in the series is based on the one that appears in the movie “The Time Machine” by Simon Wells

9- The script is so complex in this series that the first the characters that would appear in it and their particular stories were created, and then the whole story was written in which they would be involved.

10- The priest of the series, Noah, is a representation of the antichrist that appears in the New Testament of the Bible, in the Epistle of Saint John.