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What is the meaning?

In today’s world where most people speak more than one language and strongly reject the limitations imposed on the freedom to choose what to do, what to read, what to see, it is laughable that Netflix has imposed programming zones depending on the language and region of the world.

Since I can remember, one of the recurrent slogans in American culture is that you have the right to anything while you are paying for it (of course within the limits of legality).

Hence, this business policy promoted by Netflix to separate the world, contrary to the goals of the Internet and the globalized world of uniting it, is contradictory.

Faced with this contradiction, most users are using the strongest tool that humanity has today as technology is, to fight against this veiled form of media dictatorship, using VPNs and cookies to overturn this imposed form of media control.

Now, unless the managers of Netflix have the idea of ​​explaining the meaning of this absurdity, it is a bit difficult to understand this “limitation” from a logical point of view.

So what’s going on?

Before any limitation that the media or society before the free unfolding of the personality of the people, the answer is always the same, a radical alternative.

For example, if you live in Canada, you probably cannot access the same programming as in the United States. why? No idea, but to all complication a solution and for that reason there are many alternatives nowadays if you want to see American Netflix from Canada.

Returning to the above, technology has become a very powerful tool to avoid these absurd limitations and being on the web makes it more difficult for companies like Netflix to exercise absolute control over such platform.

It may be too early to say that in this century, production relations or social relations are going to undergo important changes.

This responds to the fact that people can no longer bear the imposition of the way they should do things, rather it is the people who will begin to tell the companies that provide services such as Netflix, how they want that service to be provided to them.

Anyway, I think that this change is already being generated with the technological alternatives aimed at ignoring the barriers imposed by the companies that provide services such as Netflix.