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Most people know or have used an online chat service, but for those who have not.

Then we will explain a bit about what a chat consists of.

A chat consists…

It consists on a screen in Internet in which you can write in your computer the message that you want to send to your counterpart.

In return, the other person can respond to you through a screen similar to the one you are looking at so that both you as the counterpart can engage in dynamic communication in real time.

The most important benefits offered by the chat, is the savings in long distance telephone calls, closer and more direct communication with friends and family, as well as saving the time that is given during the process.

Some of the advantages of chat are the development of cognitive activities.

The chat can help shy girls to participate actively in a discussion because they can do it anonymously and this could help them lose that fear of participation. Strengthening of young values has access to other principles such as trust and respect.

A chat room is part of an online service

A random chat offer a space for people with common interests to communicate in real time.

Most chat rooms do not require users to have any special software installed on their computers.

Although IRC (Internet Relay Chat) allows users to download from the Internet, the application necessary to establish the connection.

To chat users must register in the chat room of their choice and choose a username to enter a particular room.

Most of the sites that offer the online chat service have multiple chat rooms that can be classified by region, age or activity.

Inside the chat room, the list of users who are connected is usually displayed.

When a participant enters or leaves the room, an alert message is displayed on the chat screen indicating that there is a new participant or that someone left the room.

To chat, members of the chat room write a message in a text box.

The message is almost immediately visible in the common message area so that other users read the comment and respond.

Some chat rooms, in addition to offering multi-group talks, allow two or more people to conduct a more private conversation, isolating themselves from the rest of the room participants, having their own conversation.

Users can enter a chat room only to read messages without writing any comments, this type of behavior is known as lurking.