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How we like a good compilation of the best of the year.

And, let’s face it: a lot of movies are released and we do not have time to see them all.

Between that tsunami of films that reach us on the billboard every Friday, every month, every year, in FOTOGRAMAS we extract the best of the best.

What you should not miss for the world. What can become the protagonist of a night of beer and pizza with friends, or Chinese food at home with the family. What better genre than comedy for those moments of company, enjoyment and desire to have a good time?

This 2018 is leaving us great comedies, and here we present them:


Our brand new representative at the Oscar Awards next year could not miss this list. In her history of improvement, centered on a basketball team made up of people with mental disabilities and led by Javier Gutiérrez, she does not forget that a sense of humor is the best cure imaginable for the ills of life.

Directed by Javier Fesser, it is a comedy of those for the whole family, of those that make a deep impression. Of those, in short, we need (and a lot).


Not all the animation is Disney / Pixar or all the comedies have to be starred by people of flesh and blood. The plasticine is also worth us. The unmistakable figures of the Aardman animation studio, creators of films like ‘Wallace and Gromit’, swarm in this film that combines the prehistoric era with football. Laughter assured.


It went unnoticed by the Spanish cinemas, but this is one of the most fun, extreme and intelligent comedies of the year.

A combination of laughter and tension, between the comic and the pure cinema of mafias, shootings and action, without ever losing that tone almost autoparodic. Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and the rest of the cast are in scandal. The creators of ‘Vacations’ (2015), John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, you will start more than a laugh.