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Will the world of crazy celebrities ever get boring to us peasants? Doubt it! At least it will never be boring to me! How can you get bored while reading about people that make lots of money and spend it in real crazy ways? Some of the ways celebrities spend their money is by investing in real estate and some of the celebrity properties that exist today are insane to the point that it is out of this world!

Right now, I want to show you which are the celebrities that have dropped the most money on a property and I will show you just why!

Rihanna is investing wisely!

When I hear a celebrity has made the smart choice of investing in real estate, I really applaud this and Rihanna is definitely one of those celebrities that are not only beautiful but, also smart when it comes to money!

She has made this house so beautiful that I would not be surprised if it is worth more

She has definitely worked her butt off when it comes to her luxurious house! It is worth around 8 million dollars. But, she has made this house so beautiful that I would not be surprised if it is worth more by the time she decides to sell it for a better one.

You know how celebrities get bored of living in the same house for a while!

Taylor Swift

Did you really think I was not going to mention Taylor Swift knowing the insane amount of money she has probably made these past few years with her albums and tours?

Well, all that money she made was definitely invested wisely and in a luxurious way because her pad is everything BUT simple.

I am not going to go into details saying all the luxuries that are in it but, I am just going to say this pad is worth 15 million dollars so, don’t be surprised if he happens to have something over the top like a dolphin pool inside that house!

Will Smith

I think all the money this guy has earned over the years has made his kids as over the top as they could be but, can you really blame them?

He and his family happen to own a very luxurious pad that is worth an estimated 20 million dollars. That’s wack!