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Ok so, I really do understand that people that work in the entertainment world truly have to be creative at all times and always come up with new show concepts to make sure the audience’s attention is on their shows at all times.

But, this does not mean that their imagination cannot go crazy from time to time because apparently, it seems this is what happened when producers thought of the reality show concepts that were aired by them.

In this post I want to show you all those times apparently producers did not know what they were doing when they came up with these crazy ideas for reality television shows so, here you go! The crème of the crème when it comes to crazy reality shows.

This is not your typical dating show as people actually date naked!

Picture this. I mean REALLY picture this. Going on dates is already very awkward for two people that have never met right?

Well, imagine all the usual awkwardness of a first date and on top of that, you have to meet naked!

I don’t know about you but when I heard of this show I thought it was probably created by some people that are probably obsessed with sex!

Married at first sight

This is basically a reality television show that glamorizes arranged marriages. I mean, who the heck decides to get married the same day they meet the person they are married?

The only way I can even begin to justify this is if the couple that got married was actually drunk but, I cannot even begin to comprehend who a SOBER couple would even decide to get married in front of their friends and family the very same date they met.

I mean, they have not even shared their first kiss!

Breaking Amish

Apparently, Amish people were missing out on a lot because this reality show takes them out of that safe Amish world and they just go crazy!

Even though the show is kind of entertaining, the concept is still kind of crazy!