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Who doesn’t really like scary movies?

Thrillers and scary movies had become one of the favorite genres of movies in the world y lots of people pay to see them in theaters even though they’ve always been criticized by a lot of movie experts.

Although nobody can compare the action and drama from scary movies to Oscar winning movies, scary movies are now the favorites and have a lot of success.

From zombies, ghosts, serial killers, all types of beings have become protagonists in of our nightmares!

These movies are not only for young people, it can be also watched by elder specters.

Here are a few of the best scary movies of all time:

4) Paranomal Activity

The cameras positioning and the looks of a ‘found footage’, 2007’s ‘Paranormal Activity’ has caught everybody’s attention becoming one of the most successful scary movies of all time. You never know when the fright is going to hit you during the movie!

3) [REC]

One of Spain’s best scary movies of all time!

There’s actually a remake called ‘Quarantine’ and it’s about a false documental of a disease that made people go crazy and start eating attacking others.

2) Babadook

This Australian film has become one of everybody’s favorite scary films. It’s based on a short film brought into the big screen about an old kid’s scary story about a living thing in the house that hunts people down.

The visuals and the sound effect are the best!

1) Insidious

It’s one of the most popular trilogies of all time. People love the fright they feel watching each one of these films!

The movies are about a spectral world where only a few can enter to fight different demons that won’t let them live in peace.

If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t wait any longer! Watch them and you’ll see what a good fright is about!