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Google Cardboard

This year you will see both virtual and augmented reality take-off in 2016! Google Cardboard makes virtual reality accessible to the masses and with the advent of Google Expeditions, Google has made virtual reality not only cheap and convenient but also focused on using it to engage students in the classroom.


Sketchnoting (or Visual Note-Taking)

Research has shown that drawing your notes, even doodling can help anyone learn and remember information better.



The power of sharing your voice cannot be overstated! I started blogging just under two years ago and it transformed my career and my learning. Blogging with your students will give new meaning to their writing and their work! The power of sharing your voice, your learning and your passions online cannot be overrated.



If blogging isn’t for you, maybe you should share your voice through a podcast. Podcasting has continued to grow like wildfire, and educators across the globe are sharing through this medium every day. If you don’t want to podcast yourself, be sure you take advantage of the all of the phenomenal podcasts that are available online across many different platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast.


Start a YouTube Channel

You may already have one and not realize it, but everyone needs a YouTube Channel. Even if you only use it as a curation tool to create playlists of your favorite videos, and playlists for your students. Video content is dominating now that we can stream on just about any device.


Join a Google Community

I have been singing the praises of Google for a while now, and despite what many think, it isn’t going away. In fact, it just got a major overhaul. But one of my favorite features is Google Communities. These communities can be private or public, and offer a fantastic way to share, connect and learn online.