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South Korea is filled with all sorts of wonders and their food is no exception. Especially their desserts. Their desserts are to die for! I’ve never eating such amazing sweets like the ones in Korea. The best part about them is that they are ridiculously cheap!


  • Bungeoppang

    This goldfish-shaped bread called bungeoppang (붕어빵) is a delicious treat that can be found everywhere in Korea. This treat is enjoyed during all year round, especially during the winter as it’s warm and an amazing comfort food. Crispy outside and filled with warm red bean paste inside, it’s a must-try snack in Korea!

  • Poop Bread

    It may not sound delicious but trust me, the best things in life come in a very strange way. The poop bread is a popular desserts in Korea. It’s named poop bread after its comical shape (in Korean it’s: ddong pang). It’s a popular snack you can find in Insa-dong, Seoul. This poop bread has red bean paste and nuts inside, and it sells for 1,000 won (about 1 USD) each.


  • Banana Milk


    Banana milk is the best thing ever. I love getting one at the convenience store. They give you this tiny straw that is so cute with the plump body of the container. Banana milk was first released in 1974 and is still around! Banana milk now has two other flavors, strawberry and melon. I suggest trying out the strawberry! It’s super delicious.

  • Honey Toasted Bread

    This thick slice of bread toasted with honey, butter, and sugar is sinfully amazing. Kim Soo Hyun’s Cafe Bene is popular for its honey breads.

  • Oreo O’s Cereal

    Oreo O’s cereal was discontinued when Kraft Foods sold Post Cereals to Ralcorp. However, in Korea you’ll find these just bout EVERYWHERE. A box of Oreo O’s cereal sells for 600 won, which is less than 1 USD, in Korea. While online a box of Oreo O’s cereal is about 15 USD.