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Peru has been a popular destination for budget travelers and backpackers for a long time for good reasons. Traveling through Peru is really affordable! Backpack the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, see a vast amount of Incan ruins, indulge in quality Peruvian food, or visit the bustling city of Lima.



The world’s most populous country is absolutely full of amazing things to explore and do. If you’re into the ancient world, see the Great Wall, check out the Forbidden City, or observe the ancient Terracotta Army. If the city life is what you want, see Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. Indulge in nature by seeing the landscapes of Jiuzhaigou, hiking in Mutianyu, or stroll through Yu Garden.



South Korea is another great, affordable country that offers a lot of different activities for travelers to enjoy. Spend time in the city of Seoul, devour some amazing Korean food (Korean BBQ anyone!?), or visit the Buddhist temples all over the countryside.



From Himalayan peaks to iconic mausoleums, rich history to authentic culture, India is a fabulous destination for budget travelers. Visit the Taj Mahal, see Amber Fort in Jaipur, or take a trip to the bustling city of Mumbai.



Despite the economic downturn that Greece has seen in recent years, tourism is still booming and it has become more affordable than ever. Visit the ancient sites in Athens, island hop around the Mediterranean, walk through Plaka, or try the authentic Greek food at a local hot spot.



This Central American country is known for its Mayan ruins, lush rainforests, and large volcanoes. Spend some time in Antigua, see the volcanoes around Guatemala City, or explore the natural sites in the Petén Department.



This nation of volcanic islands is a hot spot for travelers who love gorgeous beaches, exotic animals, and ancient temples. Retreat to Bali for the weekend, see the monkeys at the temples of Ubud, show your gratitude at the Galungan Festival, or visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls in Singaraja.

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