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Beaches like you’ve never seen before

Before you start dreaming of laying out on a hot sandy beach, you have to know that Oregon beaches are chilly. As in you’ll definitely want a jacket, even in mid-July. Even though you can’t really swim, the beaches are incredible in their own regard. Stop at as many as you can along the way.


The food

If you’re a seafood lover, the Oregon Coast is prime real estate for the freshest, most delicious seafood. In fact, on our last family trip there last summer, we had a Quest for the Best clam chowder and you can see who won! And if you’re not a seafood lover, you’ll still find unique sandwiches you can barely hold with both hands, homemade doughnut shops, and the best sourdough bakery I’ve ever been to.


It’s the perfect temp

As opposed to Disneyland where the heat is sweltering and the sweat starts dripping down into your socks, the Oregon Coast always seems to stay a comfortable 70 degrees. It’s never too hot or too cold.


The tide pools

This should be higher on the list because it is our absolute favorite Oregon Coast activity…and it’s FREE! I would rather spend an afternoon leisurely perusing rocky pools and crevices for starfish, sea anemones, and crabs than waiting in lines for hours. My kids adored climbing rocks and pointing at sea treasures.


See sea life in real life

You don’t have to wade through crowds of people like you do at Sea World to see great sea life on the Oregon Coast. Seals, sea lions, porpoises, and even whales are right there in front of you, without the hefty ticket price. At Cape Arago in Coos Bay, Oregon, hundreds of seals gather on Simpson’s Reef and you can see and hear them down below yelping and bellowing.