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Trying to figure out what to do in between classes? Relax, this has happened to all of us at some point. I had quite some time free between classes and I always found various ways to do something. However, I now don’t struggle anymore with what I should do and if you do struggle, then I am here to help you!


Watch Netflix

This may sound a bit strange but trust me, it’s awesome! Catching up on my favorite shows was the best way to use my free time between classes. You can catch up on your favorite movie or show if you’d like.


Have a Little Snack

Treat yourself with a little snack before your next period starts. I would do this all the time with my friends and I would always go with them to eat some freshly baked cookies that were sold on campus. You can also choose to bring a snack from your home too!


Go Shopping

As long as you have plenty of time to do this, you can buy certain college must-haves before the next period. I’d constantly had to stock up on things like good, pencils, erasers, and basically any other item needed for classes.


Take a Power Nap

I know how exhausting things can get when you are a student, which is why during any free time (regardless of how long or short it was) I would take a quick nap so I could be full of energy for the next class. This tip is also great if you pulled an all-nighter to study for your exams. You’ll slowly recover all the energy!


Do Homework

What better way to use your free time than to do any homework or assignment? If you have any homework due soon try finishing it as quick as possible so you can have more free time during the weekend.


Visit a Professor

“If you are struggling in a class, go visit your professor and talk to them about it! Most professors or TA’s have office hours and would be glad to help you. No matter how intimidating they are, your professors are there to help you succeed”. (Source: theyounghopeful.com).


Get an on Campus Job

This is a great way to gain experience and a bit of money too! Most colleges will happily let you work with them. I actually did this and it worked so well. Especially thanks to the fact that I had a bit of experience by the time I graduated.