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You were most likely excited about graduating that it never occurred to you to think about what to do after you graduate. However, don’t worry about it as I am here to help you!


Do Something You’d Normally Never Do

Doing something that is a bit different than what you’re used to can be a very fun and exciting experience. You can try auditioning for a theater production, or running for club president. Don’t worry much about not being able to to do well in them because it’s all about having fun! In college you experience so many things and people are usually scared to get out of their comfort zone. But it doesn’t hurt anyone to get out of their comfort zone so don’t worry about it. You’ll gain confidence in yourself when it’s all done, and this will help you in life as you take more risks.


Skip Classes Just Once, And Sleep All Day

If you’ve never done this then I suggest giving it a try. However, before skipping any classes, inform yourself about any kind of penalty you might get for skipping. If the penalty is something you’re willing to take then there’s no problem!


Visit Another Country

During your breaks you can use them to travel around the world. You can also study abroad so you can get to know a completely different culture and maybe even learn a new language. You’re young, so live young, wild, and free!


Take Part In A Campus Club

Protest something; advocate for someone or something. Participate in a club that actually does something to help or advance the lives of others. You’ll make good friends, and you’ll create relationships that will last for years to come as well as do some good in the world.  (Source: blog.explorite.com).


Take A Class In A Subject You’d Normally Never Take

You can also take it with a friend so you won’t feel alone. The idea is to do something you aren’t used to doing and who knows, maybe you might even excel the subject and you’ll realize that you can achieve something if you just give it a try!