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Being a student myself, I’ve learned how not many students are aware about how a simple website could make their life so much easier. It can even improve your grades! That said, I’m here to give you all the scoop about the top best websites that I used to help me in school.



This site may not actually affect your grades however, being a student involves having little to no money at all sometimes. I struggled so much financially and yet thanks to StudentRate I was able to score awesome deals for clothing, textbooks, electronics, amongst other items.



At times I would forget to do important assignments for school which led to my grades slightly dropping. However, it all changed and it went better once i downloaded Todoist. This is an amazing to to let you keep track of every assignment or everything you need to get done. It’s incredibly easy to use too!



“A really cool site that collects cheat sheets that condense information on all kinds of topics. This could be helpful for building study guides”. (Source: collegeinforgeek.com).



This site is all about DIY projects. In this website, people can post any DIY tutorials on any project you could possibly imagine.



An awesome and simple mindmapping tool. With this tool you’ll realize how easy it is to take notes during classes. It helped me so much whenever I needed to take notes.



I found this website thanks to my friend who recommended it to me. This site is very helpful for those who would like to learn skills related to computing and media production. Lynda is particularly good for learning the ins and outs of computer software


Wolfram Alpha

This site can calculate almost any math problem you could think of and come up with data on all kinds of things. It includes a step-by-step solution to a math problem. The only downside is that it cost a bit of money. However, no matter how much it costs it’s all well worth it.


Stack Exchange

If you’ve got questions about chemistry, math, programming, or pretty much anything else, you’ll probably find an answer here.