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We all know by now that apparently, there are no ordinary days in the life of Taylor Swift. But let’s be honest, doesn’t it awake a bit of envy in you? I know I feel a little envious as I wish the controversies in my life were related to boy issues.

My life issues are mostly relating to debt and boredom so you can figure out why I am kind of envious!

So, having said this, unless you live under a rock, you know that Taylor has just recently launched a song and you can surely bet there is so much controversy around it, it is hard to even keep up!

In this post I want to show you which are some of those things that stand out in the music and make us gasp in surprise.

As usual, Taylor begins this music video by slamming an ex

I think this comes as no surprise to us but, it is still something we needed to bring to the table. You know how Calvin Harris became really popular with a song called: This is what you came for? Well, turns out all his talent was not enough for this song and he applied that saying that says: two heads think better than one. And who could be better to provide musical creativeness than Taylor Swift?

Well, apparently Nils Sjoberg.

Remember how she used that name to remain anonymous in her collaboration for this song? Well, if you remember that, then you also remember how all that thing blew up after Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up and we are reminded of this in this music video.

She is not taking herself too seriously and even takes a stab at herself

She definitely steps out of her comfort zone and plays with her open wounds as I guess if you really think about it, it is clearly a way to deal with all those issues that were troubling her right?

I guess a way to fix a problem that everyone talks about is when you talk about the issue as well right?